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By Body Of Adonis


I turned my key and heard the sound of the lock on the door ending another long ass day at the office. My brain was fried and I couldn’t wait to get home and pour myself a glass of this new whisky I got the other day. I made my way down the hall and my phone rang as I got closer to the elevator. I looked up in just enough time to see a woman standing there waiting. I was so into deciding if I was going to answer this call or not, because I really don’t feel like talking to this fucking guy, that I didn’t take my eyes off my phone as the elevator door opened. I took a step back, held out my arm with my briefcase in hand with my jacket hanging over it, and gestured for the lady to go first. I mean I really don’t feel like talking to this guy. He’s the head bitch in charge over at accounting and a straight up cocky bastard.

The call went to voicemail as I stepped into the elevator. I closed my Z Fold and slipped it in my suit pants pocket and looked out over the atrium as we passed the 27th floor. The building is 32 stories tall and the atrium reached all the way up to the glass roof above us. I looked across the large open space to the other side of the building and saw people walking on each floor as we continued our descent to the lobby below. As I looked down I saw Leo’s was busy as hell. All the seating looked full and there was a line outside the entrance. The restaurant is its own small standalone brick building in the middle of the atrium surrounded by tall palms and lounge seating on each side. It’s where most of us that work here eat during the day, but lately I’ve been bringing my own shit.

As we passed 20, the lights in the entire building began to cut off and on, almost flashing. The elevator shook a little and I grabbed the metal bar in front of the glass.

“Holy shit!” I yelled as the lady and I looked at each other in shock. We tried to gather ourselves as the elevator regained its smoothness. Just as I caught my breath the elevator jerked to a stop, knocking both of us to the floor.

“Are you ok?” I asked. She was laying on her chest just feet from me.

“Yes I’m fine. What’s going on?” She asked.

Before I could even answer her and tell that I have no fucking clue, we both felt it. A strong vibration in the floor of the elevator. The vibration then turned into a rumble as the elevator shook us around like dolls. Her screams were almost muted out by the sounds of the earthquake. I’ve been in one of these before but this one was bad. It was violent.

She reached out for me and I grabbed the sleeve of her jacket and pulled as hard as I could, pulling her entire body across the floor over to me. I wrapped my arms around her and looked over the edge of the elevator to the lobby below.

Utter fucking chaos. People were running in different directions, large cracks had opened up in the ground in several spots. Most of the large palm trees around Leo’s had fallen over. There were a couple guys pushing at one of the fallen trees. There were people under it.

I looked over to a crowd of people running on the other side of the atrium. Some of them were stumbling and holding on to the backs of couches trying to right themselves. I could actually see the ground moving.

A large white cloud of smoke shot in the air right where those people were running. There was an explosion. I stared in horror as the cloud thinned out to reveal a huge hole in the ground. All those people were gone.

There were people huddled against the wall outside Leo’s. It was 3 or 4 of them. I then saw a large section of the brick wall give way and begin to slowly tip towards the ground. The people got up and tried to run but it was too late. They disappeared under the bricks.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something fly past us. It took me a minute to realize what was happening. Glass was falling from the ceiling. She saw it too.

“My God those people!” She yelled.

She buried her face in my chest as I watched people being cut down by large shards of glass falling from all that way. It wasn’t just cutting them down. It was cutting them to pieces. The white lobby floor turned red in large spots as people running for cover were instantly killed by the heavy shards. One guy ran bent over at the waist with his hands covering the back of his head and when he got hit, his upper body flew about 10 feet forward and his lower half flew the other way.  

I couldn’t watch any more so I held her closer to me and closed my eyes. I felt her arm go under my suit jacket and touch my back as I pressed my arm on the elevator glass and held my feet firmly on the doors to keep us in place as the elevator shook violently around us.

I opened my eyes and the violence had come to an end. The atrium was smoky but I could still see over the edge at the scene below. There was blood and bodies everywhere.

“Is it over?” I felt her warm breath on my neck as I realized how tightly I was still holding her.

“Shit yeah I’m sorry. Yes it’s over.” I let her go and grabbed the bar in front of the window to stand up. Crazy that shit held. Fucking glad it did though.

“No its ok. Thank you. I appreciate you protecting me like that. I’m Jai.” She held out her hand and I took it and helped her to her feet. “Nice to meet you Jai. Sorry it’s like this. I’m Tony. I work on 30.”

She stepped to me and reached inside my suit jacket again and hugged me. I was shocked for a second. I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her back. Fuck she felt good.

She stepped back and looked out towards the atrium. I immediately stepped forward and stopped her.

I touched her jaw line and turned her face towards me. “Don’t look. It’s not good down there.”

“I can’t believe this. How are we going to get out of here?” She asked. Tears in her eyes.

I’m a pretty strong guy. So maybe this could be an opportunity for me to actually use it in a real world situation. I walked over to the elevator doors and saw there was a small crease between them. I could see we stopped half way between floors. I put my finger tips in the crease and tried my best to rip the doors open. In my mind the shit was epic. Man that shit didn’t move!

“Well it looks like we’re stuck until someone comes and gets us.” I sat down with my back against the wall away from the window and took my phone out my pocket. I tried to call 911 and the call wouldn’t go through. I tried to call one of my boys and got the same result. The towers must be down.

I looked at Jai and she was sitting across from me doing the same thing.

“Any luck?” I hoped she did or it was going to be a long night.

“Nothing. My Facebook and Instagram won’t even refresh. There’s no service at all.” She said.

“Shit wait, all these elevators have phones or some way to call for help!” I stood up and walked over to the panel with the floor numbers and pushed the emergency button and nothing happened. I pushed the emergency call button and it was dead as well.

“Well we may as well get comfortable. We’re not going anywhere for a while.” I didn’t want to scare her any more but I wasn’t going to lie to her either. We’re stuck in an elevator between 18 and 19 and just have to wait on search and rescue.

I sat back down against the wall and looked out into the atrium. It’ll be dark in a couple hours, and since there’s no power in the building, once the sun goes down it’s over. Everything was quiet now. No one was yelling any more. I guess everyone that survived got out. With the size of this building and the number of people that work here, there’s no way help isn’t coming. Besides, the moment I see anyone in the lobby I’m kicking the shit out of this glass to get their attention.

“God I need a drink.” I said.

I laid my head back against the cold steel wall behind me and tried to relax myself.

“Well once we get out of this mess you’ll have to let me buy you one. I mean, you did kind of save me.” She said. I sat up and looked at her and she stared back at me. Our eyes connected and when I thought she was going to look away, she didn’t. She just looked at me then smiled. It was then that I finally actually saw her. She was fucking beautiful. She clearly took great care of her body. Chocolate brown skin with a pretty smile. I would get stuck in an elevator with a Goddess.

I held my hand out to her, and she reached out and grabbed it. I pulled her to me again, this time she sat on the floor between my legs with her back to me and pushed her warm body against mine.

“Wow you’re warm.” She wiggled her hips back and forth as she made herself comfortable against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her now feeling what she was talking about. It was really cold in the elevator.

Breathing naturally I smelled her neck and her fragrance made my eyes close. I felt her ass pressing against my inner thighs as I realized her breasts were resting on my forearms as I held her close to me. Her hands rested on mine but slowly her fingers began moving, touching the skin on the back of my hand. Gently. Slowly. She arched her back a bit and pressed her ass against everything my dress pants would be fighting to hold back soon if she keeps this up.

We sat there quiet for a while, in complete silence when it hit me. I grabbed my phone and opened it and found my Pandora. When I’m in the gym and the service is bad I can switch it to offline mode and play my lists that I downloaded. My Alina Baraz playlist has 177 songs. The music started and gave our minds a distraction from everything that just happened. Everything we just saw.

“You know, now that I think about it, I think I may have seen you before.” She let go of my hand and reached down and rested it on my thigh. Her finger tips moved around my knee almost subtly, as if she was waiting for permission. I love being touched like that. She better stop.

“Yeah? Where about? I was trying to keep cool but she was turning me on.

“Did your company have that celebration in the lobby a couple weeks ago? I think you were speaking.” She recalled.

“Oh yeah that was me. It was employee appreciation day for us.” I pulled her body tightly to me for a second. She responded by arching her back to me again, pressing her ass into my dick which I know by now she can feel. Her head rested on my shoulder and I don’t know what came over me, but I kissed her neck, since it was exposed to me. She moaned and gripped my hard thigh, digging her nails into my leg a bit. She turned and looked at me and bit her lip. That was it for me.

I grabbed her neck and pulled her to me. She rushed forward and kissed me like she had been wanting to kiss me for some time. I palmed her breast with my free hand as she turned more of her body towards me.

“You like when I do you dirty…” My Pandora was on point.

She got on her knees in front of me and grabbed my belt and began undoing it. I reached up her thighs and pulled her skirt up above her waist and palmed her soft ass. My belt came free and my suit pants were opened. She sat up and took off her blouse revealing a perfect set of breasts behind a sexy black bra. I tossed my suit jacket on the floor and undid the buttons on my dress shirt as I watched her sit back and pull her skirt and panties off down her thighs and onto the floor. She left her heels on as she stepped out of her skirt. I pulled my suit pants and boxer briefs off, finally offering me some relief as my dick was already throbbing and hard.

I sat back against the wall and Jai stood up and turned her back to me and straddled my legs and sat her ass on my face. Even in the failing light I could see her chocolate lips glistening with her growing wetness. As soon as my tongue touched her lips my taste buds went crazy with the sweet flavor of her wetness. She moaned loud and reached back and grabbed my head as I ate the fuck out of her smooth pussy.

I stuck my tongue out and stiffened it as she caught my vibe. She put her hands on her knees and bounced her ass on my face, fucking herself with my tongue.

“Omg Tony this feels so fucking good! I wanted you from the first day I saw you on that stage! Fuck my pussy PLEEAASE!” She cried.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her bounces further down on my face, forcing my tongue a little deeper inside of her. My beard was starting to soak up her juices as she twerked on my face. She reached back and grabbed her cheeks, spreading them for me, then let them go, making them fall back and surround my face. She smacked her ass, making it jiggle as I looked up in amazement and pure lust for this woman.

She moved her hips in circles as I took my tongue from inside her then flattened it so she could rub her clit on it. We were so in sync. As soon as I did that she knew exactly what to do. I found her button with the tip of my tongue as my face was still surrounded with all that ass. Her breathing became labored, her moans louder, and all of a sudden she screamed and I felt it. She squirted on my tongue in short bursts. I left my mouth open and allowed the new liquid to flow down my chin and on to my lower stomach and dick.

She hopped off of my face and got down on her knees in front of me. I touched my beard and felt how soaked it was as she grabbed my dick and licked it from the base to my head. My eyes rolled back and closed as she took as much of me in her mouth as she could.

She choked on it a little while massaging my balls with one hand and stroking my shaft with the other. She worked my dick masterfully as I neared my own orgasm. I stopped her and pulled her up and she stood over me with her heels on both sides of my legs. She lowered her body down to a squat and held herself right over my dick. I watched as she reached between her legs and held me in her hand to position me. I was surrounded by her warmth as she eased herself down on me, inviting me inside her for the first time. I grabbed her ass cheeks as she slowly began to bounce up and down on my dick. I stared at the penetration as she began to quicken her pace.

I palmed her ass with both hands as we fucked, completely oblivious to the situation we were actually in. I see why they say sex relieves stress! She held onto my shoulders and bounced harder. Our bodies clapped together over the music as we fucked into the night. She stood up and turned her back to me and sat back down. She was so wet that I slid back inside her with no resistance. Her ass bounced on my dick as she rode her back shots. Her body looked so fucking good. I grabbed her waist and pulled her back down on me. She was so wet that her cream formed at the base of my dick, white against its brown skin.

Now I can’t let her have all the fun. As much as I’m enjoying watching her, I’m ready to take control.

I patted her on her hip. “Stand up for me.”

She stood up and turned so I could stand up as well. “Put your leg up here.” She kicked her left leg up and put the bottom of her heel on the bar in front of the glass. I walked over behind her and gently pushed her back forward so the bent over a little. She put her hand on the wall of the elevator for leverage. She arched her back for me more and gave me clear access to her dripping entrance.

I moved forward and the head of my dick parted her lips and slid back inside her till my lower stomach touched her ass. I fucked her as hard as I could, watching her ass bounce back and forth in waves as I gripped the small of her waist. My endurance gave way and I felt my orgasm rise up the shaft of my dick. I pulled out and watched the first shot of cum leave the tip and land on her left ass cheek. She reached back and spread her cheeks in time for the second shot to cover her ass hole. My next shot landed on her pussy lips as the rest ran out and landed on the floor. I slid my dick back inside her and slow fucked her while I was still sensitive, drawing out my orgasm longer. We were so sticky and wet. She backed herself against me in slow movements, massaging my throbbing shaft with her walls.

We fucked four more times before we both passed out from exhaustion on the elevator floor. We slept on my jacket and I used my briefcase and her jacket as a pillow. It wasn’t very comfortable, but it got the job done for the situation we were in. She slept soundly on my chest, cuddled up tightly to my body for warmth.

I started to come to when I heard noises coming from the atrium. I opened my eyes and looked over into the lobby and saw several people walking with flashlights. They were firefighters!

“Hey Jai, wake up! Help is here!” I said.

She opened her eyes and lifted her head off my chest.  

“Oh my God seriously?” She turned to look but I stopped her. They were walking through all the bodies on the lobby floor. The scene down there was horrible and I wanted to spare her future nightmares.

“Yeah we need to get dressed quick.” I stood up and found my boxers and put them back on, grabbed my pants and stepped back into them as well. I watched her put on her panties and bra, then step back into her skirt.

She buttoned up her blouse but left it untucked. “So, what’s next, I mean, for us?” She said.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to stick together, you know, for survival.” I said.

She smiled and walked over to me and fell into my arms. “Let me make a little noise.” I said. I let her go and walked over to the glass of the elevator, turned my back to it, then kicked it as hard as I could several times. I turned and looked and saw that they got the message, because several of them began running towards our side of the building.

A bar was jammed between the elevator door and it began moving back and forth, prying it open. There were several firemen waiting on the other side for us. A wave of relief came over me as I helped Jai climb out of the elevator. They pulled her out fast then reached for me. I gave them my hands and two of the firemen pulled me out of the elevator fast as well. Jai and I sat against the wall of the hallway next to each other wrapped in blankets. She laid her head on my shoulder and I held her hand underneath the blankets as I felt a wave of exhaustion overtake me. Our journey has just begun.