By Body of Adonis

“Good evening ma’am. Welcome to Perry’s. Do you have a reservation?” I walked into the entrance of this fancy steakhouse and was warmly greeted by the host. He stood behind the podium as waiters and waitresses in their black suits walked at fast paces as they took their orders to the kitchen.

“Yes I’m Nikita Love, here for Krystal’s party.” I said. “Oh yes, the ladies are in our private dining room in the back and have already been seated. I’m Renaldo. Right this way please.” He headed into the restaurant and I followed behind him, walking past people seated at their tables eating and drinking expensive steaks and wines, laughing and enjoying their food and conversations.

We’ve used this same steakhouse for our weekend kick off dinner meeting every year since me and my girlfriend’s little annual event started when we graduated from college twelve years ago. We’re all proud Texas Longhorns and a few days after we graduated, we rented a house for the weekend to celebrate. One thing led to another and we ended up inviting a few guys over to kick it with us. Well a few turned in to seven and we ended up all fucking for two nights. It was then we decided to make it an tradition and twelve years later here we are, meeting for our twelfth Semen Hall weekend!

I walked in the private room and was immediately greeted with the love and warmth I'm used to from my girls.

“Heeey Nikita!” Krystal yelled as she and the other ladies got up to group hug me. Krystal was the first person I met when I got to campus as a naive freshman, and she introduced me to Janetta and Laisha while I was moving into my dorm room. We all stayed on the same floor in an all-girls dorm on campus and bonded as friends immediately.

“It's so good to see you girls! How have y’all been?” I said as Renaldo pulled out my chair at the table for me. I got myself seated as the hugs and kisses ended and the ladies returned to their seats as well.

“Well I’ve been good. Husband and kids are good. He still has no idea about what really happens on our girls' weekend though. His ass still thinks we drink wine and sing songs in our pajamas all weekend.” Laisha said. Laisha is an attorney now and the only one of us that got married right after undergrad.

“Not all of us are lucky enough to have a significant other that supports this shit like you Nikita. Some of us have to stick and move!” Laisha laughed.

“Yeah girl I'm not gonna lie. I love my man to death and I love the freedom he gives me. One of the Bulls I invited is my regular.” I admitted. My man is a Stag and he gave me permission to have a regular Bull. I fuck him maybe twice a month, sometimes more if my honey is feeling nasty and wants to reclaim me. 

“Netta what about you?” How's everything been with you and yours?” Krystal asked. Janetta is the head nurse at Parkland and has been there for a few years now. Hell, all my girls are doing well and I love it. 

“Girl, he's ok. I caught his ass texting another bitch a couple months ago. His dumb ass doesn’t realize all our shit is connected. It's Apple. So I just watch all his conversations. But it’s all good cause I’m taking dick till I pass out this weekend so he can have his little office bitch!” She laughed. 

“Damn that's a pretty savage ass clap back girl!” I laughed. 

“It is what it is. I was actually going to pull out of our weekends when he and I got together but then I found out what it was. Now this weekend no one will be pulling out of me!” Janetta smiled and danced in her seat.

“What about you Krystal. What's new in your world? Seems like it's been forever since we talked.” Janetta asked. 

“Girl, I've been good. Just working really.” Krystal said.

“You look good as fuck. The gym is treating you right I see. Are you still fuckin that one guy you told us about? His dick was huge!” Laisha said.

“Oh you mean Adrian? Yeah we’re still fuckin. He’ll be at the house this weekend so definitely try that dick out at some point. Shit all of you need to try it!” Krystal said. “Speaking of which, let's go ahead and check out our Bulls for the weekend.”

Krystal stood up and reached down and picked up a Louis Vuitton duffle off the floor and opened it. She reached in and pulled out tablets and handed one to each of us.

“Ladies go ahead and pull up chrome and in the bookmarks is the official Semen Hall website. I took the liberty of logging in for you all so we can go ahead and introduce our Bulls for the weekend. Again thank you for making sure they all registered on time. That helped a ton.” Krystal said. She's so organized, I love it!

The Semen Hall website loaded on the tablet and the logo on the home page came up. Two Black dicks crossing each other like an “X” with cum shooting out of the tips over a college dorm with “Semen Hall” written across the bottom in white so the letters look like cum. She’s hilarious for that one! I clicked on the Bull’s page and a list of names and thumbnails of their dicks loaded.

“Ok so I’ll start with my Bulls. Owen is 5’10” and weighs in at 205 lbs at thirty-two years old with an 8” dick. I started fucking him about a year ago and ladies, this man can go. He also loves to eat pussy from the back as you can see.” She said.

We all scrolled through the pictures he uploaded when he registered. Each Bull is required to upload ten pictures, dressed and fully nude, as well as their dick pictures along with their driver’s license and current STD test results. They’re also required to upload a cum shot video. That way we can make sure they bust big nuts. We call it Semen Hall for a reason!

“This ones fine as fuck.” I said. I scrolled through his dick pics and studied them as Krystal continued to read off his stats.

“Yes he is girl. He submitted his driver’s license for his proof of identity as well as his STD test results which were dated last Monday and they're all negative.” Krystal said. I watched his cum shot video, watching him stroke his dick, sending thick ropes of cum splashing against the mirror he was standing in front of. My pussy involuntarily flexed at the sight of his thick white cum slowly sliding down the glass. Damn I can't wait to feel that shit. I opened his test results and skimmed through them as Krystal continued.

“Next I invited Adrian. He and I have been fucking for 3 years now and y’all have all seen his dick of course. Ten inches and thick as my wrist. Make sure y’all bitches take deep breaths if you plan on taking this one.” She said. Me, Janetta, and Laisha opened up his page and went through his pictures, studying them intently.

“Damn Krystal I know you have fun with that big motherfucker.” Laisha said as she reached under the table and rubbed her pussy underneath her skirt.

“Hell yeah I do. He’s nasty as fuck and can go for rounds so definitely make sure you all go a couple with him before the weekend is over. He’s six feet tall, his weight is 190 and his STD tests are all negative as of two weeks ago.” She reported.

I sat there in amazement as I watched that big dick shoot cum all over Krystal’s ass.

“Normally he doesn't pull out but I wanted y’all to see how he shoots.” She said as she watched us watch the video of Adrian cuming all over the brown skin of her ass. It was almost unbelievable how much he came. Even though I know he's too big for my pussy, she definitely responded to seeing him cum on her ass like that. I’ll have fun with him this weekend in other ways.

“And those are my two Bulls! What do y’all think?” Krystal asked. 

“Shit I’m for sure fuckin them both at some point this weekend.” Janetta said.

“Yeah me too. I wanna feel that big fucker firing off in me!” Laisha said as she continued to play with herself under the table. 

“He looks too big for my pussy but I definitely want to suck it. How does his cum taste?” I asked.

“Girl he's a health nut so it's sweet. He takes good care of himself. But go head Nikita. Tell us about your Bulls girl!” Krystal said as she took her seat and a sip of her wine.

I stood up and held my tablet with my right hand and touched my first Bull’s thumbnail, opening his page.

“Ok. Jordan is my regular Bull that my man lets me fuck so he knows how to be a Bull. I know we said no cameras but the deal with my man was if I come this weekend I have to get pics and video for him like I normally do. Plus I’m tryin to get that good reclaim dick when I get home Sunday night anyway!” I said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah we know how lucky you are not to have to keep all this shit secret. Don't rub it in!” Janetta laughed. 

“Girl you get enough dick with your husband and your bull so don't complain!” I laughed.

“Yeah I know girl. It's just dope not to have to lie about the shit. That's all I’m sayin. I’m sure that shit’s liberating as fuck.” Janetta said.

“Yeah I'm not gonna lie, it is. But anyway, Jordan is 28 years old, 5’11” and 193 lbs with an 8” dick. The video is from the last time I fucked him. He uploaded his passport for his identification verification and his STD tests are dated last Wednesday. My man and I make him update them every 90 days anyway.” I reported.

“My 2nd Bull is Arnold. He and I fucked for a bit before I found Jordan and decided to use him as my regular Bull instead. He's 5’9” and lists himself at 187 lbs and he has a 7.5” dick.” I said.

“What made you switch?” Laisha asked.

“Well I used Arnold for a few months and me and my honey enjoyed his work, but I ran into Jordan in Lowe’s one day and the energy was just strong as fuck. I got his number and told my man about him so we decided to try him out, and if you look at the video I uploaded for him you'll see why.” I explained

“Oh shit yeah, he nuts really well.” Krystal said.

There was a pause as my girls watched Jordan flood my pussy from the back. I recognized the clip they were watching because of the moans he let off when he released.

“Got damn that's a lot of cum! Ok Jordan! And Arnold is nice too!” Krystal yelled.

“Hell yeah that shit crazy.” Janetta said. I couldn't help but smile feeling proud that my girls were impressed with my Bulls.

The door to the private room opened suddenly and our waiter walked in. We all got quiet and closed our tablets like we were doing something wrong and almost got caught. 

“Your drinks ladies.” He walked round the table and sat our drinks down then walked back out the door.

I took a sip of my dirty martini. “But those are my Bulls so, enjoy them this weekend!” I sat back down and continued to sip my drink.

“Well I guess I’ll go next.” Janetta stood up and touched her tablet.

“Ok! My first Bull is Delroy. He’s 42 years old but the man fucks like he’s in his 20s y’all.” Janetta said.

“Shit that’s him fuckin you? Well wait yeah it has to be cause I recognize that ass anywhere!” I laughed.

“Ohhh damn he cums good.” Krystal squirmed in her seat as she watched Delroy pull his dick out of Janetta’s pussy, releasing a torrent of cum from inside her. It poured down to the bed and puddled under her ass cheeks, soaking the black material of the comforter.

“He sure does. He checked in with his driver’s license and his STD tests are all negative as of last Tuesday. Oh and he says he hasn't cum in over two weeks so those balls are nice and full. His dick is 9 inches and as y’all can see, his nuts are equally big.” Janetta said.

“I do love a nice big pair of balls. Shit!” Laisha said. 

“You damn right. I just love suckin on them big, juicy fuckers! Ok let me stay focused. One more guy. Ok. Shit I just had a fuckin flashback out this world!” Janetta laughed.

“Damn come on girl tell us about the other one!” I laughed and ran that video back of old Delroy busting in her pussy. Love that shit.

“Ok ok! Damn! I just had a moment! So my other Bull is Prince. He’s 6’3” about 230 lbs with a 9 inch monster! He also checked in with his driver’s license and his STD tests were all negative as of last Friday morning. And as y’all can see, he’s a great cumer also.” Janette said. 

I went straight to his video and it was so fucking sexy. I could see the thick vein on the bottom of his dick contract as he pumped cum in Janetta’s pussy. They laid the phone down on the bed under them looking straight up at the penetration and the angle was everything! He pumped slowly, milking all that thick nut in her before pulling out. As soon as his head left her hole, a thick line of seed leaked from her entrance and fell next to the camera.

“Got damn girl you’re fuckin both of them, like, currently?!” I asked.

“Am I? Girl those videos were filmed the same day. I fucked my husband when I woke up that morning, met Prince for lunch then we went to a room, then I stopped by Delroy’s store cause he wanted to say hi but this man pulled me in his office. I tried to resist but shit, I thought about it. I’m fuckin them all anyway so I just said fuck it. I kind of looked at it like a challenge anyway, and a warm up for this weekend. Feel me?” Janetta said.

“Got damn girl that’s dope as fuck. I may have to set that up one day for my got damn self! Three fuckin dick appointments in a day!” Laisha said.

“You got a hat trick! That is pretty hot. You got it all the way the fuck in that day girl!” I said.

“Well I’ll gone head and finish off the list with my two Bulls.” Laisha said as she stood up and touched her tablet. 

“Marcus is my first Bull. He’s 40, 6’1” and 205 lbs. He’s got a nice thick dick. It's 8” and he's a really good cumer. I’ve been fucking him for about a year now and no we’re not all as lucky as Nikita’s ass so my husband doesn’t know about him. Hell he doesn't know about either of my Bulls. But Marcus verified his identity with his passport and his STD test were all negative as of last Thursday. Laisha confessed.

“My other Bull is Ron AKA ‘Big Ron.’ He’s 6’6” and 250 lbs. He’s packing 10” so take it slow with this one ladies. He verified his ID with his driver’s license and his STD tests were all negative as of 2 weeks ago. I actually fuck him almost as often as I fuck my husband now that I think about it.” Laisha said.

Just as Laisha took her seat the door opened and our waiter backed his way into the room pulling a tray with our entrees. We all watched impatiently as he sat our plates in front of us. He gave Krystal her steak, Laisha her salmon, Janetta her chicken breast and me my steak as well.

“Enjoy your meals ladies. Do you need anything else? Another round of drinks perhaps?” He asked.

“Yes that's fine. We’ll take another round please. Krystal said.

“I’ll put those in right away.” He said as he turned and walked out of the room.

“Ok so ladies, By all means have as much fun as you want tonight but make sure your asses are at brunch on time in the morning at noon. We’re gonna play a little pussy control game and the winner gets the Louis bag.” Krystal said. 

“Oh shit that sounds fun! Well I do my kegels regularly so I know my pussy got that grip control. Shit I have to so my husband doesn't figure out I'm taking two other dicks!” Janetta laughed.

“So y'all know how of course every year on Saturday night we end the weekend with a bang right? So what do y’all have planned this year? How are you ending your stay at Semen Hall?” I asked.

“Well mine is simple. I want all 8 Bulls back to back, no breaks in between.” Janetta said.

“Ok girl I see you! Well I want to end my weekend with one in each hole and one in my mouth at the same time, twice.” Laisha said.

“Twice?! Girl, what do you mean twice?” I asked.

“Oh baby I need two teams of three to fuck me back to back! One in each hole and one in my mouth, twice!” Laisha said.

“Ohh I see! That sounds fun but I don’t do anal. What's yours Krystal” I asked.

“I just want to take a double vaginal creampie.” Krystal said.

“Holy shit that's hot!” Laisha yelled.

“Yup I’m gonna put two Bulls together and slide both dicks inside me and ride them till they both cum in my pussy, hopefully at the same time. I think I’ll be good after that.” Krystal said.

“Hell yeah you should be after all that. Make sure I'm in the room when you do that shit cause I need to see this, for research purposes of couse!” I said. 

“Oh for sure I’ll let you know when I'm ready. What's yours Nikita? How's your weekend ending? Krystal asked.

“Well mine is pretty simple. I just want four of the bulls back to back. Kind of like Janetta but just smaller scale.” I said.

“Hey that's cool girl whatever you want! It's our world this weekend. Once we close those doors we can do whatever the fuck we want and nobody will know but us.” Janetta said. 

“Well us and Nikita’s sexy ass boyfriend! I still can't believe he actually wants you to do this kind of shit. Girl, my husband would kill me!” Laisha said.

“Oh trust me I know how lucky I am! One of the reasons why I'm not going anywhere!” I said.

For the next couple hours we finished our food and had a couple more rounds of drinks. We laughed and talked about Semen Hall weekends from years past before we left the restaurant to head over to the mansion we rented for the weekend’s festivities.

When my girls and I opened the door to the Airb&b, we were immediately blown away at how beautiful this house is. Everything was modern and very well put together. There was a huge living room with a winding stair case leading to the upstairs landing which stretched from one side of the house to the other. The floors were black marble and there was beautiful art work on the walls.

“Wow this is gorgeous Krystal. We need to use this house every year!” Janetta said as she looked around.

“I’m glad y’all like it. I’ll definitely book mark this place for next year. Hopefully it’ll be available.” Krystal said.

We walked into the kitchen and my pussy immediately flexed. Standing there waiting for us were eight extremely attractive men. Our bulls were already here waiting for us! Arnold and Jordan walked over to me and took my bags. The other bulls took my girls bags from them as well.

“We’ll take you to your room Nikita. Follow us.” Arnold said.

My drinks and knowing what I had come here for had me in a heightened state of arousal already. I’m horny as fuck!”

“See y’all in the morning!” I smiled and followed my bulls out of the kitchen as the other bulls picked up Laisha, Krystal and Janetta’s bags to take them to their rooms as well.

I sat on the bed and watched my bulls move around the room. They had a tray with drinks on them set up for me already. Jordan poured and handed me a drink while Arnold began undressing. I took a sip of my drink and watched Jordan unbutton his shirt then step out of his pants after they dropped to the floor.

“So what would you like to do tonight Kita.” Jordan asked.

“Well, I’ve never had you both at the same time, so I’d just like to enjoy you both. Fuck me till I pass out from too many orgasms.” I said. They smiled when I said it but I was dead ass serious.

Jordan walked over to me and pushed me back on the bed. He unbuttoned my jeans and Arnold got on his knees next to him and they both pulled off my pants. I pulled my shirt over my head leaving me in just my bra and panties. Jordan grabbed my hips and pulled my panties down and I felt the material stick to my pussy as my panties a little because of how wet I am.

Arnold pulled his shorts down freeing his dick then climbed on the bed next to me. Jordan closed his mouth over my pussy as Arnold leaned and filled my mouth with his rock hard member.

I sucked him as hard as I could while Jordan attacked my clit with the tip of his tongue. There was so much stimulation that my first orgasm came fast. Both of my bulls know my body well so Jordan knew exactly how to pull my first orgasm of the weekend out of me.

I took the dick out of my mouth when my orgasm hit. “Jordan oh my God I’m gonna cum! Keep sucking my clit like that! Yes like that!! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!!” I squirted hard and hit him in his chin and neck while he continued sucking my clit. Arnold pulled himself from my hand and moved off the bed and Jordan got up from between my legs and took his place on the bed next to me with his dick waiting at my face. It was a beautiful sight to see as my first orgasm of the weelend passed enough for me to open my eyes.

Arnold lifted my legs to my chest and slowly slid his tongue in my ass while I licked Jordan’s head in circles before taking him down my throat. Having my ass tongue fucked and sucking dick at the same time is such an amazing sensation!

Arnold must have been ready because he climbed up on the bed on top of me and slid his dick in me while I continued sucking on Jordan. Finally I had them both the way I’ve always wanted! Arnold fucked me hard and splashed in my pussy while I sucked Jordan’s dick as fast as I could. They fucked me like that for a while when they both got up and switched. Arnold got up and laid on the bed next to me, put his dick in my mouth while Jordan took his place between my legs.

It felt so good feeling the differences in their dicks with my walls back to back! This was going to be a wild ass weekend. I feel it already!

They switched three more times, causing me to cum four more times in the process. They took turns fucking me missionary for a long while before I was ready for a new position. They did exactly what I said. They let me enjoy them as much as I wanted.

I pushed Jordan off of me and rolled over on my knees and stuck my ass in the air. Arnold climbed over and laid in front of me with his dick waving at me while Jordan positioned himself behind me. I grabbed my phone, opened it and started to suck Arnold’s dick again. I Facetimed my boyfriend hoping he would answer, and smiled with Arnolds dick in my mouth when he did.

“Well I see your weekend is off to a great start baby.” He said. I took Arnold from my mouth so I could answer while being pounded from the back.

“Yes, baby, I, am! Fuck yes! Fuck my pussy while my man watches Jordan! Oh my God baby! Mmm you like how this dick looks in my mouth baby?” I spit on Arnold’s dick and sucked it back up while my boyfriend watched on my phone.

“Hell yeah baby. Make sure you get good video for me so I can make us another porn. And make them nut in your pussy for me.” He said. I love how nasty he is!

“Give me your phone! I’m about to cum!” Jordan yelled.

“Baby he’s about to cum in my pussy!” I handed Jordan my phone and he turned the light on and aimed it between our bodies so my man can watch him nut in me from the back.

“Shit baby I’m cumin! Fuck I’m cuming!” He moaned. I felt his dick twitch inside me followed by several warm rushes splashing against my walls.

He’s a good bull. He knows exactly what my man likes to see. He slowly pulled out and aimed the camera at my pussy. I stopped sucking and looked between my legs as he pulled out and saw a line of cum fall to the bed between my knees. The light of the camera shined brightly between my thigs as I continued sucking my other bull’s dick. I felt cum leaking from me as Jordan slid his dick back inside me and slow fucked me using his own cum as lube.

Arnold threw his leg over me and climbed off the bed as Jordan finally pulled himself from inside me. Arnold stepped behind me and I felt the head of his dick rubbing against my clit and lips before he pushed himself inside my leaking entrance. I looked between my legs and saw the penetration and felt Jordan climb on the bed beside me. I sat my body up enough for him to move in to position in front of me so I could suck on him. Jordan was still hard and drips of cum still leaked from the head. I licked cum from his head and shaft and swallowed it then licked and sucked his balls while stroking him and felt Arnold begin to slowly fuck me with a pussy full of Jordan’s cum.

 Arnold didn’t last long with all this ass being thrown back on him, along with the fact that there was extra lube provided by Jordan. I also felt another orgasm rising in my gut, so I held it back while feeling Arnold’s dick begin to swell inside me. I wanted us to cum together!

“Shit baby I’m about to cum! It’s too slippery for me! Awww shit!” He yelled.

“Cum with me Arnold! Cum with me now!” I yelled. Our orgasms ripped through us like a speeding train through a house. I felt myself squirt again, hitting his lower stomach and balls while he pumped his semen inside my soaked pussy. We were so wet!

“Fuuuuck yes bust that nut in me Arnold! And I want y’all to nut in my girls tomorrow! Y’all better make me proud! Damn I feel you throbbing in my pussy! Keep cuming in me!” I said. It was like I turned into a completely different person. All these orgasms, my bulls, and all this cum being shot in my pussy had me on one!

Exhaustion over took me and I crashed down on the bed with my face on a pillow. Arnold and Jordan laid down on both sides of me and I could feel their warm bodies surrounding me. My heart rate slowed, my breathing calmed, and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as sleep took over me.

“Good morning ladies!” Delroy yelled as Janetta, Laisha, Krystal and I walked in the kitchen. As soon as I woke up before I came downstairs I could smell it. The Bulls were all in the kitchen, walking around naked with their dicks swinging making breakfast for us. Perfect after all that fucking I did last night. I reached under my robe and touched my pussy. I was still leaking! But I was hungry as hell and ready to play this game so took my robe off and walked into the kitchen.

Delroy was flipping pancakes, Marcus was pouring mimosas, Owen was walking around the table placing silverware, and Jordan stood at the sink washing dishes. The other four Bulls sat at the table waiting for us.

“Ok ladies it's time for our annual pussy control breakfast game. You know the rules. No moving up and down or in circles on the dick. You can only flex that pussy. Walls only! First person to make your bull cum wins the bag. This year we have the ‘OnTheGo’ by Louis Vuitton. It’s pretty much two bags in one. So let's get ready and get seated so the game can begin. Choose your seat.” Krystal said.

I looked around the table at the four men seated and one after another, they all reclined their seats so they were laying down flat. The chairs didn't have arms so we'd be able to sit on their laps easier. We all had on heels to help make it more comfortable for us as well. All four of the men were stroking their dicks, getting them nice and hard for us while we prepared to play this game.

“Shit I’ll take Big Ron!” Laisha skipped around the table and stepped between Ronald and the table. She straddled him and reached between her legs and grabbed his dick and rubbed it against her clit while she waited for the rest of us to choose our seats.

“Laisha girl, you know the rules. We all have to slide down these dicks at the same time!” Krystal reminded her.

“I know, I know! I just wanted to feel this thick head on my clit! But I’ll chill till y’all ready.” Laisha said.

I walked around and found Prince and stepped between him and the table and straddled him on his seat. My pussy bubbled left over cum from last night. No idea who’s cum it was as I felt it trickle down my inner thigh. I bent over with my ass in the air and took his dick from his hand and closed my mouth

over it and sucked it, letting my saliva drool down on it a bit so it can slide in me when the time comes. I didn’t suck it long. I made a loud pop with my lips and let him go and stood back up, feeling him palm and squeeze my ass cheeks.

“I’ll take Adrian!” Janetta said. She was already standing next to him as he stroked his dick for her. She moved herself into position and reached between her legs and massaged his balls while Krystal moved herself into position over Arnold.

“Let the games begin.” Krystal said as we all sat down on these four dicks that were hard and waiting for us. I felt Prince’s dick move through my body, sliding though left over cum as he reached my stomach. Laisha, Janetta, and Krystal all moaned and exhaled as they were penetrated for the first time today as well.

The Bulls all massaged our asses and hips as they sat there with us sitting on their laps with their dicks buried deep inside us. I began flexing my walls as I’m sure my girls were as well. Prince massaged my ass and rubbed my back as I sat on his lap, squeezing his dick with my contractions. 

Delroy walked around the table and sat our plates in front of us as the four of us sat there full of dick, breathing heavily and trying to resist the urge to bounce on these thick tools that were sitting inside of us.

“I want that damn bag!” I said as I tried my best to eat my pancakes and flex and relax my pussy at the same time. I flexed and held him with my grip for a few seconds then relaxed, over and over again while we ate our breakfast and sipped on these strong ass mimosas they made us.

“Oh shit I feel him throbbing! I think he's close!” Janetta announced. I can't let them beat me. I flexed and relaxed my pussy harder and faster and by the time we all finished eating and were on our second round of mimosas, I think all the Bulls were close to erupting. We’ve been sitting here for almost an hour!

Delroy walked up beside me with his dick swinging in the air and I immediately took him in my mouth and slow sucked him while I continued to flex my pussy around Prince’s dick. Delroy’s head fell back as I massaged his balls and pushed his head to the back of my throat while making sure sucking his dick didn't cause my body to move on the dick that I could feel beginning to throb in my pussy. I didn't want to get disqualified!

“Oooohhh fuck I’m bout to nut!! Uhhh, uuhhh, mmm shit!” Delroy yelled and grabbed my head as cum splashed my tonsils. Prince squeezed my hips hard and I felt his head grow inside me. 

“Fuck, fuck, ohhhh shit!! Ohh shit!” Prince yelled.

“I won!” I yelled with a mouth full of dick and cum and caught some with my hands as it spilled out as I celebrated. Delroy stepped back and took his dick out my mouth and I took a big gulp and swallowed. Prince’s orgasm was still going so I rotated my hips to milk out the rest of his nut. 

“Aww shit girl yeah you did it! Good job!” Janetta said. She put her hands on the table and started bouncing her ass on Adrian’s lap. Laisha and Krystal did the same.

I sat there with Prince still twitching inside me, watching my friends ride their Bulls at the kitchen table. I grabbed my phone and opened my camera and handed it to Prince behind me with the light on.

“Can you get this for me sweetie? Bae is gonna want to see this.” I said. He took my phone and aimed it between my legs.

“Aaand action!” Prince said.

I stood up slowly, pulling him from inside me and flexed my pussy again, pushing out the nut he just shot in me along with some of what was left over from last night. I looked down between my legs and saw the light of the camera shining between my thighs. Cum landed on Prince’s balls and the seat then slid off and landed on the floor.

“Hold on Prince. Keep that rolling!” Jordan took a big step over Prince while he was still laying back in the chair. He got behind me and pushed me forward and I put my hands on the table in response. My pussy was still leaking cum as Jordan easily slid inside me. He started fucking me hard while my girls still rode their Bulls. My eyes were closed tight while I took another dick and I heard somebody yell so I looked up. Janetta was looking between her legs getting flooded with an orgasm. Arnold responded with a low growl as he exploded in Krystal immediately after. 

“Oh hell no I'm last?! Fuck that shit!” Laisha started dropping her ass on Ronald hard, taking all 10 inches to the hilt with each clap of their bodies and that did it for him. He sat up in the chair and put his hand behind him to hold himself up.

“Awww shit get it baby. Get that shit!” Ron said as Laisha dropped it on him. 

“Come on big daddy. Give it to me. And you better bust big since I lost!” Laisha said as she looked back at him. I watched as best I could with the fucking I was getting when Ronald finally let go in her pussy.

“Here it, here it cuuuums!! Awwww shit baby, aww shit I’m fuckin cumin! I’m fuckin cumin gyat damn baby!” Ronald grinded his teeth and palmed her ass with both hands as he came in Laisha’s pussy. I looked between their legs and saw his dick twitching as she rode the head and took the rest of his orgasm.

My second fuck of the morning was getting messy and good as Jordan splashed in Prince’s orgasm. With no warning an orgasm ripped through my body and shook my legs as I came on Jordan’s dick. “Ohhh my God I’m cuming!” I screamed as my girlfriends cheered me on.

“Oh it's my turn baby. It’s my fuckin turn to cum in this pretty pussy!” Jordan said. 

“Take that shit Nikita!” Krystal encouraged me as she stood up, pulling Arnold from inside her. Cum poured freely between her legs. Marcus grabbed Krystal’s hand and walked her over to the kitchen counter, lifted her right leg up and put it on the counter then positioned himself behind her. The sun shined on her body through the window on a long trail of cum that ran all the way down her left leg to her bare ankle as he penetrated her from behind.

Jordan sped up his pace as he splashed in the mess between my legs as Prince continued to film with my phone so my man can see the fun I’m having. He slowed down his pace and I felt his head swell inside me. I was so wet. I know my man is going to love these videos!

“Fuuuuck here it comes, here it comes! Oh my fucking God baby. Ohhh my fucking God take that shit! Yeeess!!” I was completely full of cum already and Jordan just made it worse. I could feel it leaking out of me as he pumped it in me.

“Got damn wait till y’all see this shit!” Prince yelled from beneath me. 

“Are you getting all this?” I asked.

“Hell yeah I am. Move slow Jordan.” Prince said. His orgasm finally subsided enough for him to slow down and pull out.

Jordan lifted his leg and pulled his dick slowly from my pussy as he stepped back over Prince while he continued to film for my boyfriend.

As soon as the head of his dick left from inside me I felt the rush of warm semen fall from my pussy. It poured warmly down my lips and ran off my clit, drip after drip. Prince filmed as Jordan's cum landed on his balls and on the front of the chair then slid off onto the floor to mix in the small puddle that was already there. 

“Here baby.” Prince said as he handed my phone to me.

“I’m about to go take a shower and send this video to my man y’all. I’ll be back in a few.” I said.

“Mind if I come with you?” Owen asked.

I looked at his dick waving back and forth in the air as he dried the dish water off his hands. “Sure you can. Come on.” I said as I turned and walked out of the kitchen carrying a huge mess between my thighs.

I walked up the beautiful winding stair case, my inner thighs wetly slipping past each other with each step as Owen followed close behind me. I wiggled my ass a bit knowing his face was just a few feet from me as I walked up the stairs feeling like a sex Goddess. 

Owen stepped in front of me and opened the door to my room. I walked in and turned on the light and headed straight for the bathroom. I definitely needed this shower. It felt like I was still leaking and the trail of liquid ran all the way down to my ankles now.

I turned on the shower as Owen sat towels down on the sink for us. I was having so much fun here with my girls but really, I can’t wait to get home to my boyfriend so I can show him these videos. I know he’s gonna tear my ass all the way up!

“So I heard you got a man.” He said. I was kind of surprised he said something about him. None of the Bulls asked us about our relationships.

“Yeah I do.” I didn’t know how much to say because these dudes are supposed to know their role, and asking me about my man isn’t in the job description. I guess he could sense I was being a little short with him.

“Oh ok. Well I only asked because I saw you making that video for him at brunch. I think that’s pretty dope you two are open like this.” He said with his dick in his hand, stroking it while we small talked.

I felt a little better about talking to him about it now, seeing how he wasn’t judging me or my man. I turned on the shower and waited for it to warm up. “Yeah I’m definitely a lucky girl. I got a good man with amazing dick and a good bull. When I get home Sunday daddy will definitely take back what’s his. He actually wanted me to have a bull from the beginning. He taught me about all this when we started dating a few years ago. I hadn’t heard about none of this shit before other than watching porn. Now my life is a porn!” I laughed.

“Yeah that’s dope. If I end up in a relationship I’d want to swing. Normal shit day in and day out would drive me crazy.” He laughed

“No I agree with you on that one. If me and my man we’re to not work out God forbid, I’d be completely ruined for the next man.” I admitted. “I’m used to having the stability of a good, loving, alpha male at home, but I can play. There’s no coming back from that!” I laughed.

“Yeah that makes total sense. You need a man that’s open like that.” Owen said.

“Exactly which is why I’m staying my ass right where I am! The odds of finding another one aren’t in my favor!” Owen walked over to me and put his hand on my left ass cheek and gave it a squeeze.

“Speaking of this ass, let’s get you cleaned up.” He said.  I grabbed his dick as he took my hand to guide me in to the shower. My inner thighs were glossy and coated down to my knees. I could feel where the leaked cum had dried on my skin in several spots, and where it hadn’t yet. As I stepped in the shower and felt the first warmth of the water hitting my body, I could feel how wet I was from my pussy all the way back between my cheeks.

The shower was large and open. The water poured down over me like rain from above as I held my face straight up to feel every drop pour down over me. I felt a cloth touch my back and turned to look behind me to see Owen washing my back with a soap covered wash cloth. He scrubbed my back, then moved down to my ass. I parted my feet to open my legs so he could wash between them and he kindly obliged me.

Owen washed the messiest parts of me, cleaning between my cheeks and rubbing my pussy from the back with the soapy cloth and his strong hand. I leaned forward and put my hands on the shower wall to give him better access as he crouched down behind me to clean deeper between my legs.

He washed the rest of my body carefully and it felt amazing. I definitely wasn’t expecting to be bathed like this by a Bull but I’m loving this Princess treatment! I’m used to it though because my man does this for me randomly anyway. But I’m definitely here for it.

Owen finished me up and I stepped aside so he could stand under the water and wash himself. He lathered up his wash cloth and began washing his shoulders and chest. He looked so good! His dick looked a little lonely just swinging there with all that water dripping off of it so I reached and grabbed it while he washed his face. He moaned in surprise as I began stroking it. I pulled his wrist to move him over to the bench so I could sit down.

His 8 inches swung back and forth in front of me and it looked so damn good. Nice thickness with a thick, swollen brown head. I stroked him a few times then stuck my tongue out and licked the precum that sat at the opening of his tip. I then took his meaty head in my mouth and sucked on it while cupping his balls in my right hand and I held on to his hip with my left as the shower roared water down on to the floor. Owen ran his hands through my wet hair as I sucked on the head of his dick. It felt so good in my mouth! I could taste the sweetness of more precum as I continued to suck. I let his balls go and began slowly stroking his shaft while continuing to hold his head between my lips.

“Fuck we gotta get out of here!” Owen said as he pulled himself away from me. I felt like wanted to pout like a baby when my pacifier was taken away. He turned off the water then grabbed my wrist, standing me up. We walked out of the shower and grabbed our towels and began drying off. We were in so much of a heated state that we didn’t have time to fully dry the water from our bodies.

Owen picked me up and walked me over to my bed and laid me down on top of the soft comforter and dove face first in to eating my pussy. He sucked my clit hard as I squirmed, yelled and grabbed for the covers. I brought my knees to my chest as he continued to suck on my clit, feeling my orgasm quickly rise. The more times I cum the easier it is for me to cum, and as I have more orgasms they steadily get more and more intense. I’ve had a ton of stimulation since we got here last night so my body is super sensitive right now!

My orgasm jolted through my body and my back arched up off of the bed pushing Owen’s face away from my pussy. He repositioned himself between my legs and sucked my lips while my orgasm continued to rip me open. As soon as my body crashed back on the bed my eyes popped open and my moans flowed freely as Owen’s dick slowly worked its way into my womb. He pushed and pulled until he was all the way in before he fucked me hard, making my breast swing back and forth, hitting me in my chin with every thrust of his body against mine. I grabbed my breasts to hold them in place and pinched my nipples while taking his strokes.

I looked down between our bodies and could see his brown dick was covered in white cream. I figured there would be leftovers from brunch still in me and his fucking was pulling it out. He pulled out of me the grabbed my knee and pushed it to the side so I could roll over on to my stomach. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass up making me get in a doggy style position off the edge of the bed. He wanted to hit it from the back. This won’t last long.

I spread my legs a little to bring my pussy down to the right height so he could slide it back inside me. The head of his dick parted my soaking lips and he easily slid back in, but this time I took control. I threw my ass back on him, fucking him, making loud clap noises from the impact of my thick ass hitting his lower stomach. He grabbed my hips to try to steady and control my motions, but my legs are too strong.

“Oh shit Nikita, don’t do that to me! Fuck!!” Owen grabbed my hips and bottomed out, growled, and released deep inside me from the back. I continued to throw it back at him but in slower motions as I felt him continue to throb and twitch inside me. I reached between my legs and massaged his balls which were pulled tightly to his body as he gave me their warm contents.

“Bravo you two!” I heard an applause behind me. Owen and I looked back to see my bull Arnold standing at the door naked and smiling.

“Did you enjoy the show?” I asked as Owen slid from inside me and sat one the bed next to me.

“I caught the tail end of it but I sure did Kita. You want some more?” He asked.

“You know I do. Bring me my dick!” I smiled as I commanded. Arnold likes to be told what to do. He walked over to the bed and dapped up Owen as they crossed paths before he left us alone in my room.

“You want me to film some of this for bro?” He asked. I have him trained so well.

“Yes sure. My phones over there.” I said.

Arnold grabbed my phone off the night stand and I turned and laid on my back on the bed. I was kind of surprised Owen hadn’t started leaking out of me yet. I’m sure he will once Arnold starts fucking me though.

Arnold positioned himself between my legs as I saw the flash on my phone turn on. He held the phone with both hands less than a foot from my pussy.

“Ok go head and push Kita. Flex that pussy and push out that cum.” Arnold said. He knows what bae likes to see. I concentrated and flexed and after I pushed a few times, Owen finally leaked from deep inside me.

“Daaayyyuuummmn Kita that’s a lot!” Arnold said as he continued to film. I felt the warmth flow down between my ass cheeks. I held my legs at the back of my knees and pushed more, and felt more cum leaking out. It really was a lot!

Arnold handed me the phone and grabbed my hips and moved me back to the edge of the bed. I kept my knees pressed to my chest as he stood on the floor in front of me. I filmed my pussy as he slapped his dick on my cumy lips several times before sliding inside me, lubricated by what Owen just shot in me just minutes before.

He began stroking my pussy with his full length. White cum gathered at his base and his shaft glistened with our lube as Arnold fucked me like I’m so used to him fucking me. He fucks me so good and nasty! I laid there and closed my eyes after an intense orgasm and relaxed my body and mind. I laid there and took more dick as my mind wondered to my boyfriend. I see him walking me in our room when I get home tomorrow night and laying me in our bed. I can see him climbing in bed and lying next to me, holding his arm out so I can cuddle up next to him and lay my head on his chest.

“I’m so glad you’re home baby. I missed the fuck out of you! Tell me what happened baby. Tell me all about your weekend.” He said.

“Papi I had so much fun! I won the brunch game yesterday. You would have been proud! Got that Louis bag. I took a lot of dick this weekend Papi, and I can’t remember how many nuts. I got a lot of good video for you too Papi. Some good nasty shit.” I said as I rubbed bae from his chest down his abs to his dick. He was so fuckin hard for me. I opened my phone and pulled up the first video from brunch and mirrored my phone to our 75” big screen that’s mounted on the wall in front of our bed. I was sitting on Prince’s lap with him buried inside me after winning the brunch game. “Aaand action!” I stood up and Prince was pulled from inside me followed by a rush of thick cum.

“Oh shit baby that looks so fuckin good. Ride me babe while I watch this. I need my pussy!” Papi said.

I climbed on top of him and kissed him while I reached behind me to guide him inside me. Once I had him where I wanted and needed him, I lowered myself down on him and slid my man all the way inside me. I laid down on his chest so we could continue watching the video together with his dick sitting in my pussy while I used my walls to slowly massage him.

I stood there with my elbows on the kitchen table, wiggling my ass back and forth while leaking from the back when Jordan steps over Prince and positions himself behind me. My man grabbed my ass and thrusted his dick in my pussy in response. I’m sure his mind is going nuts right now. And I’m sure there’s remnants of this weekend still inside me. I’m also sure he can feel it.

Jordan slid inside me from the back while Prince filmed me taking more dick from the flat of his back in his chair. Jordan fucked me good at the table! Prince panned the camera to the left and right so my man could see everyone else fucking then brought it back to me when Jordan began moaning.

“Damn baby you’re about to take two back to back?! Oh my fucking God that’s so dope!” Bae said.

“Mmm yes baby and watch this.” I said as I rocked back and forth on his dick as we watched me fuck.

“Hold on baby I want you from the back.” He said. My man got up and moved me off of him, then he quickly got in position behind me. I put my face on the bed and a deep arch in my back as he slid back inside me and began pounding me out while watching my video on our big screen.

Jordan began to grunt and moan as he started pumping his cream deep inside my pussy on our TV while my boyfriend slapped my ass and fucked my pussy from the back while we watched.

My love moaned and busted in me from the back while watching Jordan pull out of me on our TV. Bae’s dick jerked and twitched inside me while we watched all that cum pour out of my pussy on the big screen.

“Ohhh fuck baby I’m cumin in my pussy! That’s MY PUSSY!” Bae yelled and moaned as he remarked his territory.

Arnold yelled and busted his nut in my pussy, waking me from my good ass daydream. I almost forgot where I was as I came to and watched Arnold filming himself cuming inside me for my man. I love how he understands the assignment so well.

“Got it. I’ll go grab you a warm wash cloth.” Arnold said as he handed me my phone after he recorded the leak. He walked in the bathroom then came out a few minutes later with a wash cloth for me. I took it and wiped myself as good as I could, cleaning up the messes I had just made with these two bulls.

“I’m about to go make me a plate. You need anything else Kita?” He said.

“No hun, I’m ok. I’m about to take a fucking nap!” I said as I climbed up on the bed and got under the covers. The last thing I saw before I lost consciousness was Arnold walking out of my room and closing the door behind him.

 I walked back in the kitchen after my nap and everyone was already there. My girls were at the table waiting for me and the bulls were standing around the bar and a few were seated on the bar stools on the kitchen island. I slept longer than I thought!

“Hey girl! How’d you sleep?” Janetta asked.

“Oh girl I slept well! I needed it after all that!” I laughed.

“Well it’s not over yet baby girl. Let’s eat so we can get ready for our finales.” Krystal said as I took my seat at the table.

Prince and Ron handed us all out plates and the food looked good! The guys had food delivered and their choice was perfect. Street tacos! All of a sudden I realized how hungry I am. I started to eat when Krystal addressed the room.

“Ok y’all it’s been a blast so far, but now we’re coming to the end of this weekend’s festivities so that means it’s time for the finale. Fellas, the ladies and I all have certain things we want to do with you before the nights over. One of us will go out with a bang and the rest of us will wait so she can do what she wants to do, then you can recover afterwards before moving on. Once the four of us have been served, you’re free to get cleaned up and leave.” Krystal said.

“Oh ok that’s wassup. So what do y’all want to do?” Big Ron asked.

“Well me, I want all y’all one by one. Just let loose in this pussy!” Janetta said.

“Got damn!” Adrian’s jaw dropped.

“I know you’re not afraid, are you Adrian?” Krystal asked with her arms folded.

“Oh naw I’m with the shits. I’m good baby!” He said while the other bulls listened intently.

“Good, because I’ll be needing two of you to fuck and cum in my pussy at the same time.” Krystal said.

“At the same time? You mean a double penetration? I need to make sure I’m hearing you correctly.” Jordan said.

“Yes sweetheart. You heard me. Are you down?” Krystal asked. Everyone looked at Jordan and waited for his reply. The room was silent.

“Oh I got you. I’m in. But who else is gonna help you with that?” Jordan asked.

“I volunteer as tribute.” Owen stepped forward and raised his hand as the room laughed.

“Ok then that’s all set. Laisha, what about you? Tell them how you’d like to end your Semen Hall weekend?” Krystal asked.

“Well I’m going to do something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity, and because of that I want to do it twice. I wanna get fucked in my pussy and my ass, and suck one at the same time, then replace the first group with another one.” Laisha said with a calm smile.

“And you said twice huh?” Marcus asked.

“That’s what I said. So I’ll be needing six of you.” Laisha said.

“Oh this bout to be a hell of a night!” Delroy yelled.

“What about you Nikita” What do you want us to do?” Adrian asked.

“Well I just want four of you back to back, that’s all. Nothing crazy.” I said.

“So men, you have your assignments. Figure out who’s doing what and we’ll meet you in the living room after dinner.” Krystal said.

We all continued to eat and drink when Marcus brought us all shots of 1800.

“Here you go ladies. Enjoy!” He said.

“Thanks Marcus.” Krystal said as she raised her glass.

“To the 12th annual Semen Hall, and all the nuts we busted this weekend!” Krystal yelled.

We all threw back our shots and got our minds ready to take another item off our bucket lists. I stood up and walked towards the kitchen door, and Laisha, Janetta and Krystal got up and followed behind me. We walked out of the room and went down the hall into the living room. The entire room was bathed in red light and there we candles lit on the book shelves and on the white baby grand piano in the corner. There was a large white “L” shaped sectional that had to be over fifteen feet long with a huge ottoman in front of it.

I took a seat next to my girls as we watched the bulls file into the room one by one. They were all naked and stroking their dicks, getting them ready for what was about to happen.

“So, who’s first?” I asked. The girls and I looked at each other.

“Shit, I’ll go first!” Laisha said as she jumped from her seat next to me. She took of her black house coat revealing her naked body and walked over and sat on the ottoman.

“I need Ron, Delroy, and Arnold.” Laisha said as the three bulls stepped forward.

“Where do you want us?” Big Ron asked.

“Oh I want you in my pussy. I’ll ride you. Come over and lay on the ottoman.” Laisha had it all worked out.

Ron walked over and sat on the ottoman then laid back with his feet resting on the floor. He stroked his dick while he waited for her. Laisha walked over and climbed on top of him then reached back and rubbed the head of his dick on her lips a few times before lowering herself down on him. I watched his head disappear as her lips opened to accept him. She rocked back and forth to take more of him inside her before pausing.

“Ok Delroy, come put it in my ass.” Laisha commanded. She laid down on Ron’s chest to get ready for her second penetration. Janetta, Krystal, the other bulls and I were enjoying this sexy show already. I was getting wet where I sat watching this!

Delroy walked over behind Laisha rubbing his spit onto the head of his dick. He leaned forward and positioned his head right at her ass hole.

“Ok go slow.” Laisha said as she braced herself. She moaned softly as she relaxed her muscles to allow Delroy’s head to slide in her back entrance.

Marcus walked over to the ottoman and kneeled beside Laisha. She reached out and grabbed his dick and stroked it while Delroy continued to slowly work his way inside her. Ron palmed her ass and talked in her hear as Delroy finally fully penetrated her. Once her two holes were full, she pulled Marcus closer to her and took his dick in her mouth. Once Ron saw that, he must and took that as a sign that she was ready because he palmed her ass and started thrusting, and in response, Delroy did the same. Laisha’s muffled moans sang out as her triple fuck began.

Delroy smacked her ass as he fucked it while Ron squeezed the top of her cheeks while fucking her pussy from below as Laisha gagged on Marcus while massaging his balls. It was an amazing sight to see. Me and Janetta looked at each other and smiled. We couldn’t wait for our turns!

They fucked her like that for a long while and the moans became louder and louder. Laisha lost track of the number of orgasms she had twenty minutes ago and she’s still having them! Krystal laid back on the couch and was playing with her pussy while we all watched Laisha live out one of her long time fantasies. The other bulls were passing a blunt and watching the show that was taking place on the ottoman as well.

I watched Marcus throw his head back and curse, then let loose several shots of cum into Laisha’s awaiting mouth. The first two shots hit Laisha upper lip, then she stuck out her tongue to give Marcus a better target. He shot the rest of his orgasm straight in her open mouth before she took the head of his dick in to suck out the rest as he moaned and growled. Laisha continued to clean up Marcus as Delroy and Ron picked up their paces. Their dicks pumped in and out of her holes in rhythmic motions. As one was pulled from her body, the other plunged into her depths causing her moans to sound like she was singing.

The two men focused as their orgasms rose to the edge at the same time. Ron bellowed from underneath Laisha as he came in her pussy while Delroy slow fucked his orgasm deep in her ass. Delroy’s orgasm passed and he pulled himself from her hole and as he did, thick white seed flowed down Ron’s dick as he continued to thrust and fire his cum in her womb.

“Oh my God this is just how I pictured it! Fuck I love this shit!” Laisha yelled as we applauded her. I was happy to see her enjoying herself the way she is. She climbed off Ron’s lap pulling that monster from inside her body. Cum spilled from inside her and landed on his stomach as she collapsed back on the ottoman next to him.

“Ok who’s next? Where my next three?” She said, with cum leaking from her holes and hanging from her chin. She was a mess and was loving every minute of it!

Ron stood up and walked over to grab a wet wash cloth and Adrian walked over and sat on the ottoman next to Laisha. As soon as she saw him and his 10 inches waiting for her, she obliged him and stood up and positioned herself above him. She reached between her legs and grabbed his shaft and held him in place while she steadied his head at her ass hole. She took a deep breath and dropped her weight on him slowly as his dick easily slid in her leaking ass. She bounced up and down a few times and once he was comfortably inside of her, she laid back on his chest and brought her kneed to her breasts.

Almost on cue, Prince walked over to her stroking his dick, positioned himself in front of her, and slid inside her cream covered pussy. The muscles in his legs fired as he began easily thrusting as she was already well lubricated.

“Ooo shit ok I got my two but I need my last dick. Jordan come give me that!” She commanded as she fucked her two Bulls back.

Jordan smiled then passed his drink to Delroy and walked over and climbed next to Laisha and her bulls with his knees on the ottoman. She reached and grabbed his dick and used it to pull him closer to her and as soon as she did, his body fell forward and Laisha swallowed him whole. The other two bulls splashed in the mess that was left by the first group and they fucked Laisha exactly the way she wanted them to. The sounds of their dicks wetly fucking her holes could be heard as clearly as her moans. Prince closed his eyes and put his hand behind her head and fucked her mouth while Krystal, Janetta, and I watched this wild ass foursome play out in front of us.

Adrian and Prince focused as they helped each other hold her in position so they could give her every inch they had. Her eyes rolled back and her moans came out as cries as her orgasms tore her apart.

Prince gave in first. “Maaan I can’t hold out any more! I’m bout to nut!! Fuuuuuck!! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” He yelled as he added his cum to her pussy. He pulled out and stepped away as a foamy white liquid poured from inside her and covered Adrian’s shaft as he thrusted up into her ass from beneath her. The new sensation sent him over the edge and Adrian added another orgasm to her ass. He held her by the back of her knees and fucked her ass slow and milked the rest of his cum from his shaft. I watched the thick vein flex and pump and when he pulled out, more cum flowed from her ass and covered her ass crack as she laid there trying to get the last orgasm of her fantasy out of Jordan.

“You gonna cum for me Jordan? My weekend will be complete once you give me that nut.” She said as she massaged his balls with one hand and stroked his shaft with the other.

“Shit it’s kinda hard for me to cum from head, so this could take a while.” Jordan said.

“Fuck it, come fuck me from the back then. We ain’t got all night. Y’all still got work to do.” She said as she flipped over on the ottoman and stuck her ass in the air. There was so much cum leaking from her entrances that it poured off of her and landed on the floor at the foot of the couch. It was an amazing sight. Something I’ve only seen in the porn my boyfriend watches.

Jordan walked over behind Laisha and without hesitation, he slid his dick in all that creamy mess and into her pussy from the back. She gripped the cloth as he began pounding her, making loud smack and splash noises as their bodies impacted each other. Fucking her was pulling out more cum that was inside of her, causing it to cover his shaft and her lips in white foam and splatter in different directions around them. It was wild as fuck.

He thrust hard a few more times then bellowed as he came in her pussy from the back. He stood there trying to control his convulsions as Laisha threw her ass back on him, causing his body to move backwards as he grunted and tried to steady himself.

Laisha pulled her body from his then turned around and fell forward on the couch landing on her back. She raised her left knee in the air, showing everyone the mess between her legs.

“Girl take a picture of this shit! Imma have to hide it but I want to remember this!” She said as she played with her messy slit.

I got up and walked over to her and snapped a few pics then made a video for her on my phone. “I’ll put this in the chat.” I said.

“Naw girl don’t do that! Send them to me on Whatsapp then I can hide them. We talk too much in the group and I don’t want to forget them in there in case he ever gets my phone.” Laisha said.

“True, true. Ok I’ll do that. Looks like you had yourself a time girl. How was it?” I asked.

“It was unbelievable Kita. I don’t even know how many times I came. Shit, I need a shower and some weed now!” She laughed.

Laisha stood up with slippery thighs and walked over to another couch and crashed down on it as my heart skipped a beat. Is it my turn? I don’t know who’s supposed to be next.

Krystal stood up and announced that she was ready. “Well I only need two bulls for my finale and that’ll give the others time to recover so I’ll go now.”

“Who do you want to use?” Janetta asked.

Owen stepped forward with his hand raised and his dick swinging in front of him. Jordan sat on the couch and even though he just came, his dick was still throbbing and hard.

“Can you go again honey?” Krystal asked.

“Hell yeah I can. I was hoping you’d ask. But tell me again what it is you want?” Jordan said with a smile.

“Ok I need you two to sit as close together as you can so I can fuck you both at the same time. I want both of you in my pussy together.” Krystal said.

“Oh ok I’ve seen this before. Just lay back on the couch bro and I’ll help you get in position for her.” Owen was on it and knew exactly what Krystal wanted.

Jordan sat on the couch then laid back with his head by the arm, then Owen did the same. Owen opened his legs and moved closer to Jordan
“What the fuck?!” Jordan yelled.

“No homo nigga just relax. You got this! This is what the lady wants and we’re only here to serve so get with it. This is what you signed up for remember? We do whatever they want us to!” Owen reminded him.

“I’ve just never been this close to another dude before bruh. It’s all good.” Jordan yelled.

Once they were in position, they were both laid back on the couch with their legs tangled, and their 8” dicks and balls touching. Krystal climbed on the couch and stood over them, looking straight down at the two dicks with the biggest most mischievous smile on her face that I’ve seen in a long time. She squatted down over them and grabbed their dicks with one hand and started rubbing them up and down her pussy lips.

“Ohhhh my God that’s a lot of dick at once! Ohh shit you can do this bitch. It’s your muthafuckin moment!!” She said as the two heads penetrated her. Once the heads were inside her, she paused to get adjusted to them.

“Bitch come give me some lube!” Krystal yelled.

Janetta stood up and walked over to her and got on her knees on the floor in front of the two men. She leaned between their bodies and licked Krystal’s pussy, leaving saliva on it before moving to the two dicks. She spit on them and licked them then moved back up to Krystal’s pussy and spit on it before getting up and sitting back down to watch.

“Thanks girl. I think I bit off a little more than I can chew!” Krystal laughed. She spoke to herself and focused on her task. Getting both dicks all the way inside her.

“Ok bitch you got this!” She said as she lowered her body down a little further then came back up. She continued to work them inside her slowly until she was able to sit down as far as she could with them inside her.

Krystal slowly rode both men, and slowly but surely it became easier and her pussy accepted both men to the point where she rode them hard. Owen and Jordan held on to whatever they could as Krystal fucked the shit out of them.

I had to see this shit up close. I got up off the lounger I was resting on and walked over to enjoy the show up close. Krystal’s breasts swung back and forth as she rode the two dicks like it was one. Both men moaned as they gave in to her demands while she rode them hard and deep.

“Aww fuck Im about to cum again! Ohhh shit, ohh shit! Uhhh, uhhh ohh fuck Im cumin so hard, holy shit!” Jordan yelled. I looked between their bodies and watched thick white cum run down their shafts as Krystal continued to ride the two Bulls.

“Good baby. Good. That’s right baby. Give me what I want. Cum in momma’s pussy.” Krystal said as she talked him through his orgasm.

Krystal continued to ride both men as Jordan’s orgasm still pulsed and pumped inside her but began to slow in intensity. She looked over to her other side. “You gonna cum for me Owen? You gonna cum!? Cum with me baby!! Cum with me!!” She yelled.

Owen looked up at her and lost it. “Yeah I’m bout to right now. Just keep ridin like that and.. FUUUUCK!!” Owen yelled as I watched his dick twitch inside her while Jordan’s twitching slowed to a stop. Krystal yelled and came on both of their dicks as her ass bounced up and down on these two men. More white liquid slowly ran down their shafts while Krystal continued to ride them at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my got damn life!

“Wow girl I’m not gonna lie, this shit is sexy as fuck.” I said. I had to give my bitch her props! She’s a BEAST! I’m so happy to see her living her best life.

She stepped off the couch pulling both men from inside her. They were both so hard that their dicks slapped wetly against their stomachs the second they were released from her grip. 

“Shit girl that’s it for me. I’m done for the weekend! Krystal said. Thick white cum ran down the back of her thighs as she walked past me and crashed on the couch next to Laisha. They were both in a sex high as they watched me with dazed looks on their faces.

“I think we should give the bulls some time to rest before you two go.” Krystal said, still out of breath from her double penetration and orgasm.

“Ok well let’s meet back here in an hour so we can finish up our weekend and give them some time to recharge.” Janetta said.

Laisha and Krystal went back to their rooms to shower, and Janetta and I went down to the kitchen to smoke while some of the bulls ate the finger foods we had in warmers. I was so anxious for my finale because I’ve never been with four men at the same time before. It’s always been just my bull and my boyfriend. So this will definitely be a new experience for me but I’m here for it all!

I walked back into the play room after freshening up at bit in my room and all the bulls were there waiting and talking. Janetta sat on the couch and sipped her drink and I sat down next to her with butterflies in my stomach. Laisha and Krystal sat naked on one of the couches next to each other sipping wine and watching.

“So who do you want for your finale babe?” Krystal asked.

I looked at the bulls standing there looking at me. Some of them weren’t hard but a few of them were, already and stroking their dicks.

“I definitely want my bulls, Arnold and Jordan. I also want Marcus and Prince. Janetta can you film some of this for me? I asked.

“Oh yeah girl I got you. Want it on your phone?” She asked.

“Sure do. I appreciate that. And can you make sure you get the cum shots? My man loves those. Everything else can be one to two minute clips of me fucking them. Oh and can you film it in landscape please? My man edits the footage and makes our own porn that we watch on the big screen at home.” I said.

“Yeah I got you girl. Y’all are something else!” Janetta laughed.

I walked over to the ottoman and sat down. Arnold, Prince, Marcus, and Jordan walked over and all stood around me stroking themselves. They were all hard and ready for me, and I was ready as fuck for them!

Prince and Marcus stepped in front of me and stood next to each other. I took Marcus in my mouth and stroked Prince as Arnold and Jordan got on a knee on the ottoman on both side of me, Arnold on the left and Jordan on the right. I reached out and grabbed the dicks on my left and right and spit out Marcus’ dick and swallowed Prince. I sucked him for a while then leaned over to my right and swallowed Jordan’s dick while stroking the two in front of me. I sucked him for a while then switched over to Arnold, swallowing him whole. I looked up and saw the light of my camera phone on me while I had the time of my life with these four men.

I went on like that for a while, sucking all four men until my jaw started to hurt. My mouth and cheeks were covered in spit from rubbing the dicks on my lips and face while sucking them. I had spit hanging from my chin as I switched back and forth, making sure I had my taste of all four men. I was so turned on that my pussy was soaked between my thighs as I sat on the ottoman having my fun, living out a long time fantasy.

I gently pushed all the dicks away from my face because I was ready to feel them inside me. I turned over on the ottoman and got in a doggy style position with my face laying on the cloth and my ass in the air with my knees on the edge.

Marcus walked over behind me first and slid his dick inside me as I looked back over my shoulder at him. He fucked me good as I already felt my first orgasm rising. Sucking dick makes me super horny, and I just sucked four so I know I’ll be cuming soon.

The other three bulls stood around us while Marcus pounded me out. With one stroke I felt him pull himself from inside me and step to the side and Prince immediately took his place, sliding inside me and kept the strokes going. The change of dicks sent me over the edge and I let my first orgasm of my finale go, and Prince fucked me right through it!

As soon as my orgasm passed, Prince pulled out and Jordan stepped behind me and took his place. I love back shots, and this was giving me all I could ask for. And the only thing I could think about while taking all these dicks is how much I love my man for letting me live out this fantasy. I can’t wait to get home and tell him about my adventure here this weekend!

I felt his head push its way past my swollen lips until he was completely inside me. I could feel the thick veins rubbing against my walls as he pulled himself out till I felt the rim of his head massage the entrance of my pussy. His head was so swollen and big! It felt fucking amazing!

He plunged himself back into my depths then began power fucking me from behind. Our bodies clapped and my ass bounced against his body as he pounded another orgasm out of me. I came so hard that my body went numb and I couldn’t move. I just laid there with my eyes in the back of my head and took all these long ass strokes!

They fucked me like that for almost an hour and I don’t even know how many orgasms I had. Back and forth, dick after dick, after dick after dick. My baby is going to be so proud of me! But now it’s time for some money shots!

“Ok boys. Time to finish up. I need you all to cum in me. Arnold and Jordan, since you two are my bulls, I want you two to cum in me first.” I said.

Arnold stepped forward, stroking his dick fast with a focused look on his face. He stepped behind me and plunged his dick back in my pussy and after a few strokes I felt it, and heard him fire off.

“Ohh shit take it Nikita! Damn you feel so fucking good!” Arnold said as he released. I slowly moved back and forth, massaging his dick with my walls to make sure I got every drop out of him. He slowly pulled out and stepped back and as soon as he did, I felt cum leaking down my lips as Jordan stepped behind me and pushed his dick inside me through the flowing white liquid.

Jordan fucked me deep and grabbed my ass and after a few strokes I felt the second orgasm of my finale fire off inside me.

“Fuuuuck baby! Got damn you got me cumin so fuckin hard Nikita!” I love how they said my name while they shot in me. Jordan pumped and throbbed inside me and then I felt his orgasm slowing down. He slowly pulled out and this time, a huge glob of cum fell from my pussy and landed on the edge of the ottoman and dripped off on to the floor.

Prince rushed behind me already cuming and his first shot landed on my lips as his head penetrated me, sending the rest of his orgasm up my leaking pussy. He thrusted and shot, twitched, and moaned, filling my pussy even more. This was fucking amazing!

“Don’t worry girl I’m getting all this shit for you. Do the damn thing baby!” Janetta said. I opened my eyes and she was standing next to me with my phone in her hand, filming my third creampie up close. I love my girls!

Prince finished his orgasm then pulled out of me. He walked over and sat on the couch in front of me to catch his breath. I felt warm cum running down both sides of my inner thighs as Janetta continued to film my finale.

Marcus stepped up behind me and rubbed the head of his dick up and down my sloppy pussy before sliding it in me. I looked between my thighs and watched his balls swing back and forth while we fucked. At this point I lost track of my orgasms. The last number I can remember is twenty-one.

Marcus’ orgasm took a little longer to come but when he finally did, it was strong as fuck. He bottomed out inside me and I reached between my legs and grabbed his balls as he growled, moaned and cursed, giving me the fourth and final creampie of my finale.

“Oh my God I can’t believe how good this shit felt!” I turned over and laid on my back on the ottoman with my feet on the floor. I could feel I was lying in a huge wet spot. My ass and inner thighs were crazy slick.

“Shit it looked like it! I like the ottoman Nikita. I want to use it for my finale!” Janetta said.

“You want us to wipe it off first baby?” Ron asked.

“No that shit was hot. I want y’all now! We can clean it up later don’t worry about it. I just want to feel those dicks letting off in me!” Janetta said.

I stood up and almost fell back on the ottoman because my legs were so weak but Marcus caught me and helped me over to the couch. Janetta took my place on the ottoman and laid on her back, bringing her knees to her breasts. Her pussy was already wet and leaking. Some of what was coming from her was probably cum from earlier.

Ron walked over and leaned in and slid his big ass dick up Janetta’s gut. She yelled in pleasure as he dropped his weight down on her. His thigh muscles flexed as he fucked her with long strokes. I leaned in and looked at the penetration and it was glorious! It didn’t take long for his orgasm to rise.

“Aww fuck baby. You want that nut? You want that nut baby?” Ron said as his explosion neared.

“Yeeesss Big Ron. Cum in this pussy! Give me that shit!” Janetta said as she fucked him back.

Ron bellowed and I watched his big shaft throbbing, the thick vein twitching as he shot in my home girl. Adrian and Delroy stood behind Ron, stroking their dicks to keep them ready for her. Ron stood up and pulled his body away from hers and as soon as he was clear, Adrian got in position and plunged his dick down in her leaking pussy.

Ron made a mess and Adrian stepped in and made it worse. He fucked her pussy making Ron’s cum foam and the sensation was too much for him because he only lasted about ten minutes in her pussy before his orgasm came. Adrian took deep breaths and exhaled while cuming in Janetta. When he pulled out, cum leaked from her and gathered on the ottoman between her ass cheeks. It was getting messy!

Adrian walked over and crashed on down on the couch next to me and Delroy stepped up and slid his dick in Janetta as she laid there in pure bliss. He fucked her with half his dick because his orgasm came fast. He was edging himself while he waited so when he put his dick in her, he was already ready to cum. I watched Delroy’s head fall back as he came.

“Ohh shit I feel that baby! Cum in this pussy for me Delroy! Give it to me!” Janetta said as I watched her pussy being flooded again. She was going all the way in with her finale! I sat on the couch, my own pussy still leaking cum as I watched this wild ass show play out in front of me.

Delroy stood up and pulled himself from inside her then walked out of the room. Janetta laid there with a huge mess between her legs, smacking her sloppy pussy with her hand, waiting on the next bull to cum fuck her.

She didn’t have to wait long. Owen stepped up to the ottoman while stroking his dick and easily found her depths. It seems like cum ran from her pussy with each stroke of his dick.

“You should be used to this pussy Delroy don’t make me wait! Cum in me now!” Janetta commanded.

Delroy gave her a few more strokes then gave her what she wanted. He gave her what she craved.

“Aww shit baby I’m cumin!! Got damn I love this pussy!” Delroy fucked her hard and fast as he worked his orgasm inside her. Cum was splashing and landing on the wooden floor in front of the ottoman with each thrust. It was such a nasty mess and we all loved every bit of it. I know I do!

Delroy barley pulled out and walked away before Marcus was standing over her stroking his dick.

“Oh so you’re just gonna stroke then cum in me huh? I like that shit! Bust that nut then you nasty fuck!” Janetta talked her shit. I think she loves to fuck even more than I do!

Marcus stroked his dick a few more times, leaned forward then put the head of his dick in Janetta’s slippery pussy. He continued to stroke as his moans came out in low hums. I watched him stroking and he dipped his dick a little deeper inside her before pulling out, releasing a rush of flowing cum down her ass cheeks adding to the large wet spot on the ottoman.

“You ok over there girl? That’s four now. You sure you want to hit these last four?” I asked.

“Girl hell yeah I ain’t scared! I’ve always wanted to do this so I’m good. Who’s next? Send his ass on!” Janetta said. She was having the time of her life and I was not about to get in her way.

I looked at Prince and he smiled then walked over to the ottoman. Janetta laid there with the biggest smile on her face but her smile turned to moans as Prince slid his dick past the mess into her pussy and stroked her with his full length.

The brown skin of his dick quickly turned white with foam as Prince fucked Janetta with long, deep strokes. She was so sloppy her pussy sounded like he was stirring wet macaroni as he fucked her in front of all of us in the room. I sat there in amazement at how messy she was, now on her fifth bull. I’ve never seen so much cum in person! I’ve only seen shit like this watching bukakke creampie gangbangs at home with my man!

Prince increased his pace and suddenly he took a deep breath releasing the air and moaned as he added his contribution to Janetta’s finale. I watched him reach down and stroke his dick, milking the rest of his seed inside of her. When he pulled out, he took a step back and we watched her flex, pushing out the fresh load of cum.

Owen rushed up to the ottoman moaning with cum firing from the head of his dick and plunged himself deep inside Janetta’s pussy to give her the rest of his orgasm. As soon as he entered her, his dick pushed out more cum that was sitting inside. He slow fucked her and pumped while she laid on the ottoman in sexual bliss and took every shot.

Owen stepped away from her then grabbed a towel and left the room. She was down to two more bulls. My bulls! They better not disappoint me either!

“You good girl? You only got two more! You gonna make it?” Krystal asked.

“You must not know who the fuck I am girl send me whoever’s next!” Janetta said.

“Girl that’s a big mess! You want to change positions or clean all that cum up so you can finish?” Laisha asked.

“Hell no this is exactly how I’ve always daydreamed I’m good! Send me the next bull!” Janetta said. She’s definitely living her best life right now!

“Ok yall. Don’t let me down. Give her what she wants!” I said as I sipped on my drink. I felt slippery between my legs so I moved a couple feet to my right closer to Krystal. There was a wet spot on the couch where I was sitting. I was still leaking cum!

Jordan walked over to the ottoman and positioned himself in front of Janetta. She still had her knees touching those big ass titties of hers. She reached between her ass cheeks and scooped up a large hand full of cum with her hands and massaged her pussy with it. There was so much cum on her pussy that her lips were completely covered until it ran back down between her cheeks on to the ottoman. There was a large wet trail down the front of the ottoman to the floor that ended in a puddle. I seriously have never seen so much cum!

Jordan took his dick and wetly slapped her pussy with it before dipping it inside her. She leaked more with his thrusts as he increased his tempo. It didn’t take long for him to cum. His jaws clenched as he pumped his cum inside her adding to the mess. As soon as he stepped away, Arnold ran up and dove dick first in to the mess the other seven bulls made and added a fresh load for her finale. She was done. She made it!

“You did it girl! You fucked all the bulls! How do you feel?” I asked.

“Shit I feel amazing! Never crossed my mind that it would be so much cum. Look at this shit!” Janetta scooped up a hand full of cum from between her legs and let it slowly slide off her fingers back down on to her pussy lips and down the front of the ottoman on to the floor.

“Yeah that shits crazy. I don’t think there’s any way to top that one next year girl.” Laisha said.

The bulls went to the rooms and showered then gathered their things and went home. The girls and I got cleaned up then then met back went down in the living room. We sipped on wine and talked about our experiences this weekend and what we could do differently for next year. I had so much fun this weekend! I can’t wait to get home and show my man all the footage I have. I know he’s going to make a hot ass porn to add to our collection! It’s been a great weekend, but we check out in the morning so I’m just going to enjoy the rest of my time with my girls here at this year’s Semen Hall!

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