By Body of Adonis

Pulling in to work I'm mad as hell. Both of my overnight housekeeping staff members called off. One says she caught Covid and the other didn’t give a reason, not that it mattered. So not only do I have to get up and go to work on my day off, but to add insult to injury, it's the overnight shift! Eleven pm to seven fucking am. I should be in bed right now watching Ozark but no! I had to get my ass up, get dressed and come in to this bitch.

I'm a manager at the Hilton in Arlington and the worst part of this job is having to cover overnight shifts. Great job and it has its perks, but I'm mad I have to be here so none of that matters at the moment. Good thing for me I have a great staff so this shit doesn’t happen often, but it’s still irritating as fuck when it does.

I walk into the lobby and it’s pretty quiet. Everything looks clean. The floors have been vacuumed; the chairs in the lobby were all neatly back at the tables, and the garbage cans were changed, so there shouldn’t be much for me to do tonight. The ladies getting off at 11 were in the break room grabbing their things out of their lockers when I walked in the back to hang up my purse. One of them handed me a list of things that needed to be handled for guests on her way out. So for the next couple hours I’ll be dropping off shit to several of the rooms around the hotel. Well it looks like at least I’ll get my steps in!

I dropped off extra pillows, food and drink orders, snacks, tooth brushes, and extra shampoo. I only took a couple items with me at a time so I’d have to go back downstairs in case I have to check in any walk-ins. No one was scheduled to check in tonight so at least I didn’t have to worry about that. I still wanted to keep an eye on the front desk though seeing how I was here working by myself.

I finally finished making my rounds and it was just after 12:30 so I went back downstairs to the lobby and sat at the front desk. I opened my phone and started watching reels about this Amber Heard trial. It’s painfully obvious she’s lying through her teeth about all this. And that bitch did cocaine on the stand! Absolutely hilarious!

Just as I was going further down the rabbit hole of watching Facebook reels the hotel phone rang. I could see it was a guest on the computer screen.

“You’ve reached the front desk, how may I help you.”

“Yes this is room 2010. Could I get some more towels please?”

“Of course. They’ll be up in a minute.” I said.

“Ok great thank you. If I don’t answer just come in.” He said.

“Ok. You're welcome. See you soon.” I hung up the phone, put the “We’ll be right back!” sign on the counter, stood up and walked into the back stock room and grabbed a full set of towels and washcloths for the guest. I pushed the button on the service elevator and waited. I looked at my watch. 1:45 am. This is going to be a long ass shift.

The door opened and I pressed 20. I was lost in my thoughts and kind of surprised when the door opened on the twentieth floor. I walked down the hall and around the corner and got to his door and knocked. No answer. I remembered that he did say just come in. I slid my master key in the slot and watched the light on the handle turn green. I opened the door and walked in and my jaw immediately dropped. Standing in front of me scrambling to find something to cover up with was an incredibly sexy and naked man! I bit my lip and looked at his gifts while he stuttered and stumbled around. He grabbed a t-shirt and held it in front of his package, which I had already seen was very nice.

“Oh my God ma’am I'm so sorry! I didn’t think you’d get here that fast! Jesus I'm so embarrassed!”

“No it's ok. It's my fault. I probably should have knocked longer but I remembered you said to just come in, so I did.” I couldn’t take my eyes off his body. Our eyes met and he looked at me like he had just seen me for the first time. The look on his face told me everything.

“Well if anything, I guess I'm lucky I got walked in on by such a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you.” I said.

“Nelson. I'm sorry. Nelson Davis. It’s nice to meet you ma’am.” He said as he stepped forward and took my hand in his, still covering himself with the shirt.

“Please, call me Angela.” I said.

I shook his hand and studied his body, his brown skin, his muscle tone. This man is fine as fuck.

“I’ll let you get back to it Nelson. But let me know if you need anything else.” I gave him “that” look, let his hand go and walked to the door. He almost sprinted to the door to open it for me.

“I sure will Angela.”

I walked down the hall smiling, shocked about what just happened. All I could see as I rode the elevator back down to the office was him swinging between his legs while trying to find something to cover it up with. Those thoughts will definitely help get me through the rest of this shift!

The phone rang and snapped me out of my sleep. I sat up in a panic, heart racing and out of breath, and then I remembered that I was here by myself so I got my shit back together. What the hell could somebody need at 2:47 am? I walked from the office in the back up to the front desk and before I picked up the phone, I saw that it was room 2010 again. It’s him!

“Front desk, how may I help you?” I used my sexy voice this time.

“Hey Angela, this is Nelson. Are you busy?”

“No not at all. This place is dead this time of night. What can I do for you?”

“Well you said if there was anything else I needed, to let you know right?”

I took a deep breath. The way he said that shit got to me.

“Yes I said that. What do you need?” I asked.

“I need you to come see me.”

“Oh ok. What do you need me to bring? Toothpaste? More towels?” I knew what he wanted me to bring. This pussy.

“No. I just need you.”

“Oh shit well, as tempting as that sounds Mr. Davis, you do know I’m at work, right?”

“By yourself though. No one will know. Come see me.” He said.

Ok normally I would have shot that shit down, and I have before. But this could be my opportunity. I’ve always daydreamed about having sex while at work with a really attractive guest. This could be my chance. YOLO bitch!

“Alright then, here I come.” I hung up the phone then put the sign back on the counter then got back on the service elevator. I can’t believe I'm about to do this! My nerves were running high while I rode the elevator back up to twenty. I anxiously paced in the elevator until the door opened like a caged lioness about to be set free.

When I got to his room I knocked on the door and this time he opened it. He stood there wrapped in one of the towels I brought him looking like a whole meal. He reached out and I put my hand in his, and he gently led me into the room. The door closed behind me and we didn’t speak as we stood there looking at each other, sex energy surging through the both of us.

I reached and touched his stomach, running my fingers over his abs. My hand got down to his towel and paused. He doesn’t need this any more. I pulled it and let it fall to the floor. I gasped when I saw it, hanging between his legs, perfectly manscaped, moving slightly as it stood up more and more with each pulse.

He grabbed my neck and pulled me to him, French kissing me while I let my hands explore his chiseled body. We walked further back into his room and I stopped him as we sat on the edge of the king bed.

“Do you have any condoms?” I asked

“Fuck no, I don’t. I didn’t anticipate meeting anyone like this on this trip. But wait let me show you something.” He said as he lay back flat on the bed, reaching to the night stand for his phone. I couldn’t help but stare at his stretched out naked body.

He unlocked his phone and after a few minutes, he handed it to me.

”What's this?” I asked.

“Those are the results of my last blood work taken two weeks ago and as you can see, all negative.” He said.

I stood up and scrolled down the app on his phone and read his labs. All STD tests were negative. 

“So what you're saying is you don’t want to use a condom? You know we have them downstairs right?” I asked

”Yeah that’s what I'm saying. I got clean dick. As long as you're clean too, why not?” He said.

I've been on birth control for years so I don't have to worry about that, and I know I'm clean because I just had my blood work done last month and haven't had sex since before then. So like he said, why not? I smiled as I pulled my phone from my pocket and opened my BSW Health app. I pulled up my records and handed my phone to him. 

He stood up and took it from me and read.

“That’s all I needed to see…” He said.

He took my phone and sat it on the dresser in front of the TV. He then picked me up and threw me high in the air over the bed and I turned my body in time to land on my stomach. My legs were pulled, sliding my body across the bed making my thighs hang over the edge, which was right where I was about to go. I felt his hands slide up the back of my thighs before they filled with these cheeks. I felt his face, his breath, his lips, his tongue dancing across my inner thighs making the floodgates of my pussy begin to break.

I reached back and grabbed the edge of my skirt on both sides, slowly working its black material up the brown of my thick thighs, up my hips, over my ass, and coming to rest around my waist. His face ventured further between my thighs until his lips finally found mine. He took deep breaths through his nose and smelt how turned on I was. He breathed in my sex energy while kissing my pussy lips and my ass hole through the material of my thong. I can barely sit still this shit feels so good. I'm gripping the covers, my breathing is heavy, and my hips start to grind as he teases me with skill. God, just eat my pussy! As impatient as I was getting for more, I love the way he’s taking his time with me. I don’t think I’ve been this aroused by a man in my entire life!

This build up is a fuckin beast! But he must have sensed that I was ready. He reached up to my hips and grabbed my thong and slowly pulled it down. I arched my back and tooted my ass in the air so he could get them off me. I could feel how soaking wet I was when the material of my thong pulled away from my pussy. He stood up behind me and I brought my legs together as he walked my panties down my legs, over my heels and off to the floor. I opened my legs for him as they hung off the edge of the bed so he could take his place back between them.

SMACK!! Sounding extremely loud in the room, a loud clap rang out causing my eyes to pop open as he smacked my ass making it jiggle then immediately buried his face between my cheeks again. This time, I felt his lips slowly moving up my pussy lips and back down through my wetness. The more he rubbed his lips on mine, the slippery his lips felt as they became coated with my juices. He ran his tongue across his lips which made the bottom of his tongue run across mine. I arched my back a little more for him. He palmed my ass and shook his hands back and forth making my ass cheeks hit his face. I obliged him and twerked in his face a little while he worshiped my ass.

He moved up and I felt his lips gently touch my ass hole. He let his lips sit there for a while before kissing it, then he moved down past my perineum and slid his tongue inside my pussy. I moaned loudly as he explored my walls. Feeling that thick tongue move inside me was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. His tongue control was fucking incredible. He slowly pulled it out of me then ran it down the pink flesh of my pussy till he found my clit. Now he knows he plays too much! He licked my clit fast and I yelled as I felt my first orgasm growing inside me.

“Oh my God what the fuck! You bout to make me cum!! Damn daddy OH MY GOD!!”

I wiggled my hips in circles trying to break his connection with my pussy because all he was doing was drawing my orgasm out longer. As good as this shit feels, I almost can’t take it! I’ve never had my pussy eaten like this before! My orgasm stretched out long and hard. I almost wanted to jump out of the bed but I'm a big girl. I can take this shit!

My orgasm started to slow so he moved back up and found my ass with the tip of his tongue. He licked it slowly around the rim, causing me to vocalize for him again. He pushed at it until the tip of his tongue slid inside it. He used his bottom lip to rub the entrance of my pussy while he tongue fucked my ass and that shit is amazing! I moaned and cursed while letting this man be as nasty as he wants to be and I love every moment of it.

I felt my soul begin to leave my body when he took his tongue out my ass and licked my perineum back and forth. He stayed there for a while, sucking on it, licking it. No ones ever licked or sucked me there before and that shit has me squirming like crazy! I could hear the sounds of his tongue flicking it before he dipped his tongue back in my ass again.

“What the.. OMG I think I'm about to..”

I came again. I fucking had an orgasm from this man eating my ass. I didn’t even think that shit was possible! Better yet, it never even crossed my mind as a possibility! But it was a vicious orgasm. My legs shook, my eyes closed tight and I came while he continued to suck on my perineum and tongue fuck my ass. This shit is unbelievable.

I felt his body move from between mine so I looked back over my shoulder while trying to control my fading convulsions. His body was so hard and his dick swung back and forth as he climbed in bed and lay next to me.

“Come here.” He said from the flat of his back. The way he said that shit made my pussy flex. I climbed up on my hands and knees and he grabbed my thigh and pulled it towards him. I knew exactly what he wanted. I turned my body around and climbed on top of him and when I looked down, all that pretty ass dick was in my face and I was about to sit on his. He reached up and grabbed my ass and pulled it down on his face and sucked my clit while I made as much of that dick disappear as I could.

I wasn’t going to be outdone. With my hands on his thighs holding myself up, I sucked his dick, feeling how hard he is in my mouth, feeling how I had to stretch my jaw a little wider to take him in, feeling that thick vein sliding up and down my tongue. His dick tasted so good it turned me on more to suck it. What made it even better is his moans. I felt the bass in his voice move though my clit as he sucked it while I sucked him. I reached and grabbed his shaft with both hands and gently twist stroked his dick fast, up and down, feeling the head hit the back of my throat. His pre-cum was even sweeter. I swallowed it while I worked.

He let go of my pussy long enough to push me over on my side from on top of him. He moved his body closer to mine and into position as I held my left leg in the air for him. His chest rested on part of my thigh as I watched him take my pussy in his mouth again. That’s all I saw because my eyes rolled to the back of my head when I felt his tongue touch my clit. My shit was so sensitive!

He moved back down and sucked on my pussy, taking my clit and most of my lips in his mouth. I felt his head rest on my inner thigh and I almost lost my mind while he laid there and sucked my pussy like a fucking pacifier.

If pussy eating is an art, then he’s a virtuoso performer. He used his lips to push back my hood exposing more of my large clit. He isolated it and hit it back and forth with his tongue so fast that I saw lightning bolts when my eyes shut tightly from the pleasure. No toy, no fucking rose, nothing can do to my pussy what he has. Some men get stupid when they meet a woman with a larger clit, but he loves it and she responded to him. She throbbed for him. She stood up for him. And through her I came for him once again.

“Ohhhhhh my fucking God…” I said before my moans turned to screams and full body convulsions. I grabbed his back because that’s the only thing I could hold on to as this orgasm fucked me up. It seems like every time I cum they get stronger and stronger. What the fuck.

He finally was able to release the grip my thighs had on his head. He climbed off the bed and stood at the foot and waited for me. I got on my knees then turned my back to him, ass all in the air, and crawled back to the edge of the bed. He smacked my ass and moved into position behind me as I watched him out of my left eye, the other blinded by the soft comforter on the bed.

That one eye rolled the fuck back when his head penetrated me for the first time. He slow fucked, working more of that pretty ass dick deeper inside me with each thrust until I felt his hard body touch mine. I was so fucking wet for him. He stroked me so deep I could feel him in my stomach. I felt another orgasm building as the veins in his dick slid past my smooth walls while we fucked. I grabbed a handful of comforter as I came on his dick. He bottomed all the way out and held it there just to feel my pussy contracting around him.

He held it there till my orgasm passed, massaging my ass and smacking it while I caught my breath. To my disappointment, he pulled out of my pussy and wetly smacked it with his heavy ass dick a few times before sliding back inside me, bringing a smile back to my face. This time I flexed and relaxed my pussy while he fucked me, relaxing my walls as he slid in, and flexing them, squeezing him as he pulled out. I got master control of this pussy and he noticed immediately.

“Fuuuuck baby it feels like you're milkin my dick..” He said as he grabbed my waist and put in work.

“Mmm shit I am daddy. I want that cum..” I couldn’t believe I was doing this but that thought only lasted for a second before his next stroke made that shit all go away. His pace increased and it seemed like he was going deeper. I bit the comforter as his pace increased until it turned in to a full length fuck. I concentrated hard to match my kegels to his thrusts.

His endurance and strength was like an Olympian mixed with a Dothraki. The way he gripped my ass and gave me back shots was strong. Vulgar as fuck. The way he fucked, it was art in itself.

My pussy control finally got to him. He had both hands full of ass cheek and his grip tightened to the point it almost hurt. I looked back over my shoulder and saw his body tensing, his abs flexed. He bit his bottom lip and sucked in air fast through his teeth. I looked behind me and watched this fine ass man I just met cum in my pussy.

“Ohh shit, shit, FUUUUUCK…” He yelled. He moaned with every pulse of his dick. My walls were flexed and I felt everything. I felt cum moving up his shaft with each pulse. I felt it reach the tip and make his head grow a little before the warm rush splashes against my walls with each shot. And shoot he did. Eight times before his orgasm finally slowed to an end. I felt his fist hit my pussy as he stroked his dick while his head remained inside me. Fuckin nasty and I love it.

I fell forward and landed on the bed hard. I was exhausted from all my orgasms and leaking from his. I felt the mess we made spilling from inside me, making my inner thighs slick as I moved in the bed. I felt his hand reach under me as I crawled and he pulled me till I rolled over on my back. He climbed on the bed and got in position between my legs. He lowered his body until I felt the head of his dick touch my lips, this time slippery and lubricated by his orgasm. They parted and happily welcomed him back into the temple.

I can’t fucking believe he just came as hard as he did and he’s already back in it! I wrapped my arms around his broad, muscular back and spread my legs for him as wide as I could.

“Get you another one daddy. Cum in this good pussy..” That was all it took to get him going again. He pounded me, splashing in our mess. I looked down between our bodies and saw his chocolate brown shaft coated white with the foamy crème of our mixed orgasms.

He growled and moaned as he slow fucked another orgasm inside me. I wrapped my legs around his back and took all he had to give me. We lay there in each other's arms unable to catch our breaths when he pushed his body up with his left arm and rolled over onto his back on the bed beside me. We were so winded that neither one of us spoke.

My eyes popped open as I remembered where the fuck I was! I hopped up and climbed off my bed and ran in the bathroom.

“Are you ok?” he yelled from the other room. I turned on the hot water in the sink and grabbed a washcloth and threw it under the running water.

“Yes I'm fine hun. I just have to get back down to the lobby.” I unwrapped one of the hotel's complimentary soap bars and sat it on the counter. I took the wash cloth from under the water and rang it out a bit, then took them both and washed my pussy. I finished cleaning myself and rinsed out the wash cloth and threw it on the floor under the sink. I took one of the hand towels and dried myself off, then went back out into the bedroom to find my panties.

He stood there with some black workout shorts on looking like a masterpiece and all I could do was shake my head.

“What?! What's funny?” He asked.

“Nothing. That was amazing. But I definitely wasn’t expecting that to happen at work. Crazy part is, I'm covering for one of my housekeepers. I wasn’t even supposed to be here.”

“Well I'm glad her ass called off then. Maybe we can keep in touch. I may fly back through Dallas again soon.” He said.

I stepped back into my panties and walked to the door. I opened it and turned back and looked at him one more time.


When I got back downstairs the lobby was still empty. I sat down at the computer and checked the time. It was just after five am and I'm not off until seven. I started going through my closing procedures a little early so I could be done before the next shift gets here. My mind was racing. My pussy was throbbing, and I worked the rest of my shift having flashbacks of this wild shit I just did!

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