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By Body of Adonis
​Part One

                There’s nothing I love better than a little me time. It’s healthy. I’ve been in bed watching football all day, a tad bit high, and I got some food on the way so I’m good. It’s my typical Sunday. Morning laundry and cleaning before the games start. You’ve been out with your girls all day for Sunday fun day, which I want no parts of after the week I had anyway so I’m glad it’s a girl’s thing.

I hit my weed a few times to top off my high while waiting for the second half of this game to start. I felt that relaxing feeling take over me again and I closed my eyes while listening to the commentators deliver the halftime report. Dallas is beating Philly but it's close and definitely a good game watch.

It was the middle of the third quarter and they were going back and forth, trading scores. I was high at fuck and all in when my phone rang. I reached over to my night stand and pulled it free of the charger and smiled when I saw who it was. It was you, so I answered.

Me: Hello?

There was no response, just quiet with a light, rhythmic sound.

Me: Baby?

Still nothing. I grabbed my remote and muted the game and that’s when I realized what I was hearing. It was breathing. It was you.

Me: Hello? Baby!!

When I finally heard your voice, I sat up in bed, my jaw dropped and my eyes widened as far as my high would let them.

“Mmmm fuck yes eat this pussy nigga.” I smiled as I calmly reached over to my night stand and grabbed my Beats Studios. I want to hear all of this.

I put them over my ears and laid back down, and when they connected, my high ass laid there and pictured everything I was hearing. I could hear the sounds of him sucking on your pussy lips. I could hear you moan when his tongue danced across your clit. I could hear you giving commands and the bed squeaking in response to him following your orders.

“Eat my ass from the back.” You said as I heard you roll over and get into position. I reached down underneath the comforter and grabbed my dick as I saw a text notification come across the front of the call screen.

You: I can’t wait to see you daddy

I immediately responded.

Me: I can’t wait to see you either baby. Being bad I see. I love it.

You: I know daddy. You want some video? I got my other phone.

Me: Hell yeah. Make him film that shit close with the light on.

You: Ok. Imma make him bust in me then I’m coming home. I need you to reclaim me daddy. It’s been a while.

Because we're on the phone I could hear you moaning still in the headphones while we text back and forth. I was so turned on that I could barely sit still in our bed. Shit, I can’t wait till you get home so I can take my pussy back. So I can reclaim you. I’m a Black Stag so this shit here is my kink.

I texted you back.

Me: Fuck yes ok go have fun and I’ll see you in a few. Is he still eatin your ass??

You: Yeah he is and ok. Definitely not how you eat it though. Still wanna listen?

Me: You know I do!

You didn’t respond as I heard you turn your full attention to the dick you were about to take. I heard a shit ton of noise in my ears as you moved the phone and your hands rubbed against the microphone. You gave him more commands.

“Come over here and sit down and record this.” You ordered. More sounds of bed springs and wood creaking as he did what he was told. It got quiet for a second before I began to hear the sounds of sucking. You know I love watching you suck dick. I just knew you were looking at the camera flirting with me, winking and smiling to drive me crazy when I watch it, while you’re sucking my dick later tonight of course.

My hand wrapped around my dick under my covers and I started to stroke it slowly, gently as I continued to listen to you do what you love. I heard him moan and curse but I don’t blame him because of how I know you do. Ball massages, deep throating, spitting, both hands, no hands, light choking. You a killer baby.

“No don’t cum yet!” You yelled. My eyes opened and snapped me out of my visions when I heard your words. I closed my eyes and relaxed again and felt my dick throb in my hand. The pulse shot from the base to my tip. The beginnings of an orgasm building from the depths. One I wouldn’t let go of until I was buried deep inside you. I felt precum on my index finger and my strokes began to speed up as I listened to you choke a little.

You stopped sucking his dick and all I could hear was the sounds of him breathing and the bed moving. “Oh shit!!” You moaned. I knew what that meant. You must have slid down on it. Fuck yes he’s in that pussy now. The blood rushed up my shaft making my head swell tight in my hand. I stoked it faster and my teeth bit down and I took a deep breath as I imagined how you were riding him while I listened to the sounds of fucking in my headphones.

“Hit me from the back cause I gotta go in a few.” You said. Your words reverberated through my ears as the pace of my stroking sped up. I heard the bed moving as I imagined him positioning himself behind you while you relaxed your chest and face on the bed with your ass in the air. With my eyes closed I could see him penetrating you from the back, your lips opening to accept him inside you. You moaned loud in my ears as he entered you. I could hear how wet you were as he began stroking your pussy in smooth rhythms.


When I heard the sounds of your ass clapping back against his body and you moaning, I felt cum rise up my shaft, ready to shoot all over my stomach and chest but I stopped it before it got too close, making my orgasm subside and calm back down. I felt my cum slowly move back down my shaft and settle. I’m edging myself until you get home. Besides I know you’d be upset if I didn’t save it all for that pretty, pretty pussy.

 “Mmm daddy I can’t wait to see you.” You said in my ears as he fucked your pussy. At this point my comforters were thrown back and my TV was watching me in my bed, naked with my balls in one hand and my throbbing dick in the other and my headphones on listening to you have your fun, talking shit to me at the same time.

“Oh you got me on speaker phone?! Shit I can’t wait to see you either baby. You should see how hard you got my dick right now.” I said.

“Mmm shit send me a pic daddy let me see my friend.” You said.

I opened up the camera and took a pic of what you’re gonna to get a whole lot of when you get home. My shit was ready, veins pulsing up the shaft of what you call your “pretty dick,” as I snapped the pic and sent it to you.

As soon as you got it, you went over the edge after seeing what’s waiting for you when you get home.

“Fuck daddy I’m about to cum!! I’m about to cum on his dick daddy I’m ready!” You announced.

“Then cum for me baby. Cum for me now.” I said

Your moans turned in to yelling as you came loudly over the phone and in my ears as the pace of his fucking picked up.

I could hear him in the background. “Oh shit, oh shit I’m bout to.. Fuuuck! Mmm, mmm, mmm.” He moaned as your orgasm triggered his, causing your Bull to cum deep inside you.

“Shit daddy you hear that? He’s cumin in me right now. I know you like that shit you nasty fucker. I love you.” You said. Hearing all that sent cum rushing back up my shaft but before it got to the head I released the grip on my dick and moaned as I edged my orgasm again.

“Mmm hell yeah baby hurry up and bring me my pussy. And make sure he films that shit right. That shit was terrible last time.” I said. We have a nice collection of our own porn and because of that I don’t even watch regular porn any more. I watch us. I watch you.

“Of course daddy I’m on it.” You said.

“Go ahead and finish up and I’ll see you in a few. Send me some pics though.” I said. I love further building the anticipation by looking at the pictures before you get home. All that does is build that reclaim energy even more.

“Mmm I can’t wait for you to reclaim me again. That shits crazy good. But I’ll see you in a few. Love you daddy.” You said.

“Love you too baby.” I said as you hung up the phone. I took off my Beats and sat them on my night stand and anxiously awaited the arrival of the first pic and because of how turned on I am, I was so glad you didn’t make me wait long. You know how I get.

My phone buzzed next to me and I snatched it off the bed and opened it and went straight to our text thread and as soon as I saw the first picture I took a deep breath and resumed my edging. It was a picture of his dick buried halfway in your pussy from the back, ass in the air and your face resting on the bed. Damn I love to see the penetration.

Your pussy looked so fucking good wrapped around him like that. It’s like an out of body experience for me, seeing sex with you from a different perspective. But what turns me on the most is seeing you be free. I love seeing you embrace your nasty side because of the safe place I’ve created for you. I love how horny you get knowing you’ll be reclaimed by me when you get home.

The next picture came through and I opened it immediately. Your lips were open wide, wrapped around the shaft of his dick with your hand holding him at the base. Your eyes were looking right into the camera, looking right at me. You were smiling at me with a mouth full looking sexy as fuck.

I felt cum rise up my shaft again as I stroked it and I almost let it fly, but I let go of my dick right on time before I shot. I felt my cum slowly move back down my shaft as I stared at the pictures on my phone, dick throbbing and pulsing as I continued to edge myself.

The last pic you sent almost sent me right back over the edge again. It released the true Stag in me. It was a close up of your pussy from the back with cum pouring out of it. A thick white stream covered your brown lips and had leaked down to your clit and was hanging off of it. There was a small puddle of cum on the sheets below you from where it had leaked out and landed on the bed. That familiar primal urge fired through my body. I felt my adrenaline levels rise. I felt that slight hint of jealousy and anxiousness which fueled my aggression.

I’m fuckin the shit out of you when you get home. But you know that already because of course, this isn’t your first time playing with your bull and being reclaimed by me afterwards. You love that shit, you and your breeding fetish. I have to reclaim you and take back what’s mine and remark my territory with seed. That primal reproduction competition instinct is strong as fuck in me as a Stag and my body is going crazy right now in anticipation of you walking through that door.

For the next hour I laid in my bed with the TV on and muted, looking back and forth at the pictures you sent me. I was proud of you as my woman and my Vixen. I trained you well, and in turn you trained your Bull well on how to take good pictures and videos for me. Sometimes you randomly send them to me while I’m in the gym or at work. You know exactly how to fuck my mind and I love it.

I continued to edge myself, stroking my dick to the point of eruption just to let it go back down. My orgasms were rising more frequently, and it was becoming harder and harder to stop them when cum surged up my shaft. It was time to stop and wait for you to get home and luckily I wouldn’t have to wait too long. 


Part Two


My TV volume was back up and the game reached the two minute warning. I laid there staring at the pictures, trying not to get myself started again because of how close to the edge I already was. I was so turned on that the game was watching me watch you. I couldn’t take my eyes off the pictures you sent me. My anxiousness was through the roof. I have to get my hands on you, and my dick in you. I put my phone down finally and tried to focus on the rest of the game, and even though I was watching it, my mind was only on you.

I got up and walked into our bathroom and emptied my bladder and when I walked back into the bedroom, you were standing there, staring at me smiling with that sexy ass, devilish look on your face that you get when you’ve done something nasty. My adrenaline immediately shot back through the roof, my heart rate sped up, my dick began to rise again and aggression surged through my body. You walked up to me and stood right in front of me and presented yourself.

“You’re going to love these videos daddy.” You said. Before you could show me your phone I grabbed your neck and pulled you to me and kissed you. You dropped your phone on the carpet and took my dick in your hand and stroked it while I continued to grip your neck and suck on your bottom lip. I reached behind you and grabbed a handful of ass through your jeans and felt you moan into my mouth while we kissed.

I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s time to take back what’s mine. I broke our kiss and reached behind you, grabbed both ass cheeks and picked you up off the floor and walked you over to our king bed and threw you in it. You smiled as your body bounced as you landed. I grabbed your foot and rested it on my chest and began untying the straps on the inside of your heel.

I couldn’t wait to unwrap my present. I took off your other heel while you undid your belt, button, and zipper. Your last heel dropped to the floor at my feet and you put your feet on the edge of the bed and lifted your ass up so you could take off your jeans. I watched you struggle a bit to get your pants down over that big booty, but once you did they slid down your legs with ease.

I threw your jeans across the room and stood there in front of you, watching your pussy through the thin material of your thong while you got rid of your shirt and bra. I could see the wetness in your crotch as you looked at me watching you, lightly rubbing your clit through your panties.

“You ready daddy?” You asked

“Yeah baby. Let me see.” I said.

You hooked your thong with your thumbs and slowly pulled them down over your hips. Your knees went in the air and your panties worked their way up your thighs, over your knees, down your shins and to your feet. You took one foot out and left the thong hanging off your toes for me to take off. I grabbed them and immediately felt the wetness from the sex you just had. I dropped them on the floor and watched you open your legs for me. Your pussy lips opened like a flower and glistened in the light of my TV. You were still wet. You were still leaking.

I grabbed your phone off the floor and climbed in the bed and as I did, you moved up and laid on the pillow as I came to rest next to you. I relaxed in my spot as you cuddled up next to me with your head on my chest. I gave you your phone and you opened it for me and went to your gallery. You handed it to me and gave me what I’ve been waiting for. The first video.

You rubbed my chest and abs as I watched you get fucked from the back. That video was a little over two minutes and by the time I got to the end, your hand was wrapped around my dick. I could barely sit still as I watched his dick plunge in and out of you. Our phones have amazing cameras and microphones so watching you fuck in 4K was taking me there. I could hear how wet you were. He filmed it close up with the flashlight on so I could see every detail. By the third time I watched the video you moved down and started kissing my stomach till your lips found their way to the head of my dick, which was now desperate for your lips and tongue because of how that first video had me feeling.

I swiped left and got to the next video. I watched in amazement and pure lust as you sucked his dick while looking into the camera. You smiled at me and blew me a kiss while you stroked it with both hands before taking it to the back of your throat. The same time you throated him in the video, you did your best to swallow my dick whole. You gagged a little on me while I watched. I was moaning and breathing heavily while I struggled to keep my eyes open to watch the video because of how good you were sucking my dick.

You two hand twisted it while I tried my best not to drop your phone on my face as I watched you suck your bulls dick. One of the things we have in common is our oral fetish. I love eating pussy and ass, and you love sucking dick. I love how you can cum from sucking. It turns me the fuck on how much that shit turns you on.

I watched that one a few more times then moved on to the next video. I knew you slid down on it but what I just found out is you rode him reverse cowgirl. You know I love that shit cause of how obsessed I am with your perfectly round ass. I watched you bounce on the dick, twerk on the dick, and grinded in circles while you positioned yourself over me to do the same thing.

I opened my legs and laid them on top of your calves and watched you reach back and grab my dick and guide it inside you from the back. With one hand holding your phone, and the other palming your right ass cheek, you began rocking back and forth on my dick letting me feel your freshly fucked pussy for the first time tonight.

I had to chill on watching the video for a second and just admire how well you work my dick. You handle that shit baby. Your body control is amazing. You rocked back and forth gently enough just to massage the head with the soaking entrance I had been waiting for all evening. That shit felt so good! Just when I got used to the stimulation of just my head being gripped you impaled yourself and sat down on it, introducing me to the full wetness and the warmth.

You sat up and looked back over your shoulder at me and smiled as the head of my dick sat in your lower stomach. I could feel the wetness on my balls as you rotate your hips in circles, feeling your ass cheeks massage my lower abdomen at the same time. My dick was massaged in circles by your soaking and painted walls as I watched you in amazement. It makes no sense how fuckin sexy you are to me.

You reached back and smacked your ass then grabbed your cheeks with both hands and spread them so I could see the penetration. When you let them go they fell back and jiggled a little when they hit each other as you continued to ride me. I put your phone on the bed next to me and listened as the video continued to play and grabbed two handfuls of ass as we splashed in the sex.

"I know you love to ride baby but I had to get this first one out of me." I said. I sat up and grabbed your arm and in one motion I pushed you off of me and we rolled into a doggy style position without even taking my dick out of you. I pushed your upper back down so all that ass was in the air and immediately began giving you those long back shots. You were so wet that we began churning butter as the wetness began to turn into a white foam as I fucked you and took back what’s mine.

With all the edging I had done it didn’t take my first orgasm long to build. You flexed your walls and massaged my shaft and the sensitive ridge of my head while our bodies clapped together in the night. I slapped your ass with my right hand and squeezed your left cheek while I dug that pussy out. I felt you tighten around me as your orgasm began.

“Shit I’m cumin daddy.. I’m cumin.. Cum with me! Cum in my pussy please I need it!” You turned your head and screamed into the pillow and threw it back at me as your orgasm tore through your body while I pounded it out. Hearing my trigger words and seeing your orgasm immediately triggered mine. I felt the surge rush forward and right when I started to cum I stopped moving and held my position inside you so you could feel every shot hitting your walls. Repainting them, correcting what was wrong. Remarking my territory.

We collapsed on the bed, out of breath, sweating, and completely taken by our sex high. You rolled over on to your back and spread your legs because you knew what was coming next. I grabbed my phone and pulled up my camera, turned the light on and recorded you flexing that pretty pussy. I could see it contract and after a few times, cum began to pour from you. It was thick, my fresh cum mixed with the foam from earlier. You were a complete mess and we loved it. Cum ran in streams down between your ass cheeks and on to the bed.

I filmed for a couple minutes while you played with your clit. We were still both super charged from the experience we just had. I wanted more. My dick wanted more. You looked at me and saw he was still at full attention, standing strong, moving up and down slightly with my pulse. “Come here daddy. Make love to me.” You said. I didn’t hesitate. I laid down on top of you and slid easily back inside you through the mess we just made. We kissed deeply and I reached under you and grabbed two hands full of ass. You responded by wrapping your legs around my back and we made love into the late hours of the night until we both passed out from exhaustion.