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The BOA Box  Gift Box Coming Soon!

Will include:
- Book I signed by Adonis Allen
- Personalized thank you card
- Boa Erotica Vibrator Black
- Boa Erotica male/female Candle
- 1 Boa Erotica wine glass
- 1 750 ml bottle of Yokubo wine, your choice of Rosé, Moscato, Merlot or Zinfandel
Price: $110

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click here to purchase the boa box 

From erotic author and sensual dominant Body of Adonis comes Boa Erotica Book I! written primarily from the woman’s perspective, you’re sure to Lose yourself deep inside various erotic worlds with gripping story lines, unforgettable characters, and highly charged sexual encounters that will have you completely on the edge.

Book I is a model of women's liberation from the double standards and hypocrisy of traditional male and female sexual roles, illustrating the power, joy, and eroticism of true sexual freedom. Liberate yourself with Boa Erotica Book I!

Book I Now Available