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Sample Shorts by Body of Adonis

To give my future book readers a sample of what to look forward to, I wrote a series of what I call Shorts. My shorts aren't full stories, but just one scene about an experience or a thought I had. Here's what a few of my readers are saying about the Shorts..



Welcome to my erotic world..

I wrote this book from some of experiences, my likes and interests, and the wild imagination that I've been blessed with. During my adventures in past relationships and as a single man, I observed many double standards that I absolutely didn't agree with. I wanted my partner to be as sexually liberated as I am and for her to fully enjoy her sexuality without fear of judgement or shame from society. With this book, I wanted to create a safe place for all women to go to be able to read about their fantasies and follow my characters through their adventures without fear of being judged. I put my female characters in positions of sexual power and dominance, and gave them a sense of freedom that unfortunately most don't have in our society due to toxic masculinity and other external suppressive forces.


News & Events


Private Reading Event

Our staff gathered a select group of ladies to read four stories from Book I. Video and images from the event will be posted here soon!